Blood and Steel (WiP) (Updated 18th of February)



Well, if you’d come to the defense of the diplomacy stat, why not avoid the conflict altogether?


stop the conflict? then where is the glory? where will I find sla…I mean soldiers who will fight for me and for the new king?


Then you could say where is the glory of not taking part in battling yourself.


who say I will take part in the battlefield? I will only make the plan for the battle and be in side lines meanwhile my soldiers fight for me


and like almost every history all the glory if for the leader


True glory lays on the battlefield while you risk your skin fighting.


I will be on the front line my sword in one hand and my house banner in the other.


JA! enjoy it before a sword strike your heart meanwhile my mind defeat the enemy


I assume…?


evil smile

and meanwhile you are laying dead in the battlefield I will reclaim all the glory!


who need a sword or a word when you have a brain to use for?


Let’s not turn this into a rap battle.


don’t worry the the rhymes are not my strong ( that it only the intrigue motto )


Get slain by my sword cause I am the superior lord.


A new motto for your team I presume?


Before someone makes a better one.


fair enough…not That I think about it why anybody come defending diplomacy stat?


Diplomacy does have the least amount of votes at the moment.


that was before…now the team who have less votes are the intrigue one meanwhile that…barbarics have the most


Oh, yes, diplomacy has more. But obviously martialists have the most.