Blood and Steel (WiP) (Updated 18th of February)



Aha, you mean become a trained warrior for example which requires around 30 martial? I forgot to write it as you can’t access it naturally without the use of cheats. I will write them all out in the next update.


Interesting suggestion. I’ve used checkpoints so when you die you go back without losing anything. I will add a scene selection for testers. :smiley:


I will fix the prisoner managing. I wil grey out since players might forget they had that specific trait. I will make the spy distributing reselectable. I will think of good mottos too. Good suggestions.


So this game is supposed to be somewhat like CK2 huh? Shall I assume that there’ll be an option to appoint your horse as the chancellor then?


Let’s hope it won’t come to that.


Got an error message when trying to train charisma from scratch after the battle. Don’t know yet if it’s just this specific training, more playthrough needed.

Onward then!


Will see to it asap.


Fixed all errors which were reported to this moment. Also implemented all suggestions which seemed nice(basically all). Further information in the changelog.

Games in Magincia

hey great update I like to see Layne in action, but I see problem: when you train your intrigue skills the game don’t let me choose the option “Start analyzing more books” even when I have the perception trait


It won’t let you choose it IF you have the perceptive trait. That’s because doing so unlocks that trait, which you’ve already done basically making it a wasted choice.


I didn’t mean so much as “reassign spies” as “let me give Nob a task even if I’ve already visited my spy master prior to hiring him” :slight_smile:


Choosing to train traits which you already have would waste your choice and grant no bonuses to that specific trait.


Okay, I see now. Will change it in the next update.


I actually was liking the game and then bam! “Unfinished” lol by the way the game was cool. I liked playing it. But the war in the Zelia was a little bit short. Looks like there is a lot of way to finish this game. But hey! Keep it up.


It’s only 61 thousand words at the moment.


Preferred character build?

  • Martial.
  • Intrigue.
  • Diplomacy.

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I will always be a fighter always have always will be


I will always be a thinker, who need a sword or a wordwhen you have the power of strategy and knowledge?


Now we await someone with a speech in defense of the diplomacy stat.


I like to play as intruige occasionally but the thing is unless you have enough brainpower for telekenesis it won’t stop a sword aimed right at you


if you have sword aiming to you is either because you don’t use well the power of strategy or are dumb enough to be in the front line