Blood and Steel (WiP) (Updated 18th of February)



Its going to be so much fun messing around with the cheat menu more games should have a cheat menu its great way to make people come back to a game.


I would hope so. Though, at the moment, I am thinking of more content to add into the story and the game.


I picked Vulfram as my general but when marching to the castle Harold is the one that comes up.

and this

newbegginings line 1900: bad label leadership


Bad label leadership simply means that you chose the tower option which I have not finished, same with the other one, only the fight option works.
As for Vulfram changing into Harold, hmm, can you describe at what moment they swapped? Along with screenshots? Thanks.
Edit: I have replayed the game many times, but haven’t encountred the error. That is why I would need screenshots.


it happen when you go to talk with your general before you go to help house Zelia ( sorry I could not give you screenshots but I am using computer )


You can use the snipping tool, if you search it in the start menu at the bottom left. Does he change temporarily, as in only be Harold for the duration of the talk and the battle scene is for Vulfram? Or does talking to your general completely swaps him with Vulfram?
Edit: Apparently I didn’t discover the error because you have to talk with your spy to trigger the error. That is what you’ve been doing, I assume? It shall be fixed.

Edit 2x: Updated and fixed.


Favorite character? He/she doesn’t have to have extraordinary skills, you just have to explain why they’d be your favorite character. :smiley:

  • Harold.
  • Gale.
  • Vulfram.
  • Werlen.
  • Selena.
  • Layne.
  • Other. (Mention them in the replies!).

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Cant turn on cheatmenu and fantasy traits.
I click on it but it wont turn on.

And as result im quite turned off

Okay so it works but wont show it.

Also please for love of god atleast dont have cheatmenu causing error if you click on add footmen etc. just have some text, Sorry not yet avalible, i dont like having to restart entire game because i overlooked that not all cheats yet work

Oh and in army size unlike with other stats you might want to just have Input number function rather set number addition

And another thing Martial Diplomacy and intrigue only work if you all the way back, it wont update even after new choice if you go to return to game, Health does however as does house happiness and gold.


Both settings(the cheatmenu and fantasy traits) work, that is confirmed. I don’t know what you mean when you say it’s not showing; no message is required to appear. The cheatmenu isn’t finalized and only gold, militiamen and recruits work, along with a few other things, at the moment. Perhaps I shall think of letting players input numbers for army size. As for stats not increasing, it does increase: you just need to go check it after doing another chain of choices.


Quick edit: I just tested everything out. Martial, intrigue and diplomacy increases and there’s even a message leftover stating that you shouldn’t press “show stats” immediately, and that you merely need to continue on with the next choice and then check the stats. Cheatmenu, I believe as stated, is mentioned that it’s experimental, thus may or may not work. I only suggest increasing gold with it.


Harold’s my favorite because he seems to be the one most dedicated to conquest and making the house stronger.


Harold just seems like he would fight to the death for you.


Another update. This time, I think there shouldn’t be as many errors as there were in previous updates. But that’s an assumption, the sections I tested work just fine. Enjoy.


@N1GHTMAR3, the bolded text should be “bottom”, I think:

There is a special order of placing in this list. The ranks at the top are the lowest(Recruits, Hunters), while the ones on the top are the highest.


Correct. Thanks for detecting that one!


I’ve been waiting for a game exactly like this! I had sign up just so I could encourage this great work. I’m also willing to help test this if needed.

First play through I noticed one type although I can’t remember the page

It goes something like you are balancing balah, a legendary, in fact… should be “a legend” or “legendary.”


Thanks for the words of encouragement! I think it was “a legendary general”, will double check though!
Edit: If you wish to test, there’s a “join the support team” option/form you can fill out, and yes, I’d be grateful if you joined.


Well I finished playing it for the 20th time. I love it. The only problem I found were the become a sage/warrior/diplomat options during training aren’t working but besides that everything is a-ok


I already did. I’d love to test. One other but of feedback. Could you add a save feature even if temporary for easier testing?



It’s an interesting premise so far in regards to the traits system.

One bug I found was that you can force the prisoners to join your army, but then go ahead and ransom/executive/release them afterwards anyway.

Also, I already acquired the trait “strong” when fighting the enemy commander. So when training martial skills in the next section, I at least, would like if that option could be greyed out for me. Unless it also provides some other bonus?

It also might be worth allowing players to reselect options when managing your land i.e. what to do with your spies. Since it’s possible to assign them a task, but then hire someone at court who you then can’t use because you already assigned spies so you cannot get back into the subsection.

I also think it would be handy if we had a predetermined list to choose from when inputting our house motto in addition to creating our own.