Blood and Steel (WiP) (Updated 18th of February)



Since you’d rather keep your polls in the first post, I made it a Wiki (editable.) Historically people haven’t abused this function (and you can always revert) but please let a mod know if there are any problems. You can now add and edit your own new polls there.


I forgot to mention that the game will be completely free(unless any obstacles occur).


If I can make little point on your writing style I would suggest to edit and not use the word you or your as much, it might just improve the quality of the writing creating a better flow. Otherwise I’m excited to see the development of this game and keep up the great work!


So I am stuck trying to to rise my army. No matter what choice I make I just get an error sign.


Its not a bug, its just unfinished. You cant progress unless you choose Harlod as your general. @N1GHTMAR3 has said that it is unfinished, and he is working on it.


Ok thanks that was a bit of a pain bit so far it’s pretty fun


Alright, new update. I’m rather busy right now, so I won’t do a changelog or anything. I expect errors and/or typos. I hope you enjoy!


Hey,found some bugs!

Tried using the tricks our uncle taught us:

When I tried to continue the clashing battle(if you choose to avoid the clashing,the same error shows up):

Another bug when choosing to kick the commander’s “manhood”(the error also appears when I do not kick him):

Jerking my body backwards didn’t worked either:

I can’t lead them from the tower:

Persuading them to fight didn’t seem to go very well:

Your game is very interesting so far, keep up the good work!


I selected Vulfram as my General and the uncle Harold as my bodyguard. The new content has Harold as my General and my bodyguard is unnamed.


Other than the persuasion and going up to the tower error, can you continue with the bad label spoils of war error? I think you should.
(It appears because the rest of the portion of the game is unfinished, meaning yes, you should be able to continue to the end of the siege).


Screenshots please!


I apologize for rushing and thank you for being patient, both issues, with the Harold siege scene where a bad label error popped up, and Vulfram changing into Harold scene, have been taken care of. Again, sorry, and thank you.


This game cool, i like this game and my post needs to be atleast 20 characters long.


So, what do you think of Gale as a character? Also, here’s a random poll because why not!
When should the cheat menu be finished:

  • Finalize the cheat menu at the final stages of the game.
  • Finalize the cheat menu right now, diverting attention from the story.

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Edit: If anyone’s posted an application for the support team and I haven’t reviewed it, please either remind me here or in personal messages.


Gale can be a bit… Enthusiastic. He doesn’t really seem like the person Harold descirbed.


Those polling numbers don’t look tilted to one side at all, that looks like it could still go either way…


I think the cheat menu is a golden opportunity for fun and creative ideas so i think the best option is to just hunker down everything, finish it, then get back to making the game while adding some occasional scenes with the cheat menu


Well, I mean, what ending did you guys end up with? There were actually the following:
Win with Harold.
Lose with Harold & escape with Gale/Abandon Gale.
Win with Layne.
Win with Vulfram.
A secret ending, which I don’t want to spoil unless you really want me to.
(And don’t join the Kingshill Keep defense at all, resulting in Gale’s death).


I got Win with Harold. and Win with Vulfram.


Most essential stuff is accessible at the moment, such as increasing gold(as you will be able to make lots of purchases in the next update, no matter how much you save up, you can’t get them all without using cheats). I like the idea of finalizing it later too, but I’ll add some new stuff(as the poll suggests) and finalize the menu as a whole at the final stages.