Blood and Steel (WiP) (Updated 18th of February)



I have added 10k+ words right now. Should I update the game today? Because the whole scene with the weapons aren’t finished, like what I’m saying is that you can only continue with a shortsword + shield or dual shortswords.


Get every weapon done!


1 oh I was only saying when I could reach to siege scene with Wulfram-Sensei

2 oh I was hoping to fight and disccuss some strateguies with him :disappointed_relieved:

hmm I think it’s better if you end first the weapon thing and then you updated the WIP…so then we will have a huge update




Personally I think you should update it every 10k to 20k words but really only if you finished a scene and are not in the middle of one

Also will the cheat menu allow us to gain all the positive traits?


Simple, are you want to?


Being able to unlock more successful choices? TRUEKING choices will appear differently, so you’ll realize what I’m talking about.


Hmm, well, I guess I should add the option to be able to get the traits from cheatmenu. So, yes.


This made me think Which mode would you prefer for 1st play through.


TRUEKING is a cheat. I think you’ve realized that.


Yes but should I use in my first play through


I heavily recommend not doing so. TRUEKING enables you to not make mistakes which are vital to the plot’s development.


Hmm. How many words is the game currently if you don’t mind me asking


30k words. I think the link contains 13k.


Umm I think I might as well check it, gimme some time I’ll be back.


Bug found


Not a bug. Unfinished.


now is september 2017, how is this proyect going on? It seems a good game, i want to buy a full version


We’re not allowed to ask for an update or release date for the game, but I can assure you that @N1GHTMAR3 is working extremely hard on this.


This is only an Estimated Release Date. (It may be released next year, next decade, next 100 years, etc, :smiley: its called estimate for a reason). The next update will probably come out within this week.