Blood and Steel (WiP) (Updated 18th of February)



Am I being insulted now?


Uh, not really. Well, why am I saying not really? Actually, no, you’re not. I shouldn’t be asking you anything if you didn’t choose Harold as a general. I should ask someone who chose Harold as a general. I don’t know how’s that an insult though.
Am I being joked with right now?


If it wasn’t then don’t worry about it. It’s sometimes hard to determine tone through text.


I guess. Why would I post a happy smiley if it was an insult? Wouldn’t I use a, say, hmm, laugh, or something other? Unless I’m mentally ill.



It could have been a condescending post, but it wasn’t so it doesn’t matter.


error when you rally the levies for war to relieve your allied house:
newbegginings line 1360:bad label levytraining2. no matter what option I choose this error warning comes up.


Can I assume you did not choose Harold as the general?


Nope I did Layne. Does it happen with the other Proud one too?


I think already 3 people reported that error, which is not an error at all. You can only continue with Harold as the other scenes are unfinished, so yes, it happens with Vulfram too. (Actually, I don’t want to spoil it for you, but a different thing happens if you choose him).


maybe like a maniac fellow? oh and besides…when I can reach to that scenes with Wulfram-senpai?


Just a question but what does TRUEKING MODE do?

Ps the wip is awsome, keep up the great work



what I found(I am sorry if I do any mistake here)
  • He tells you how your father Eden defeated the evil house Quaren and how he married your mother Selena of house Zelia.

house should be House, the capitalization.

  • You sat on your bed, Werlen, like usual, reading you the history of house Velibon.

Same as above

  • “His heir will inherit and become the new lady of Velibon. May she rule with justice and may she be wiser, stronger and more intelligent than her father. I, Werlen Lone, enforcer of the laws, name Rose the new lady of house Velibon.”

Lady, considering it’s a title

house also should be House

  • “Gain the trust of the army. Men don’t fight for a leader who hangs back and lets the troop do all the fighting.”


This one is suggestion:

  • (You should first choose the choices above as they’re marked as the “priority ones”, plus, choosing the last options make you lose a few choices, so go in that order from top to bottom). You look at your options. A general is the person in charge of the whole armies, who, of course, is under your command. A spy master will help you infiltrate enemy camps, locate their bases, gain intel about their movement and supplies and so on. An overlord is also refererred to as the “High Steward”, who, basically manages your house’s economics. A master diplomat will help you acquire allies. You can not always trust your martial skills, and right now, you are not even properly trained. You need a bodyguard if you are going to go to battles. You also need to equip yourself in the armory. You should decide what to do with the village taxes.

I suggest to break this into paragraph.

Also, are you planning to add save plugin?


TRUEKING enables extra choices you wouldn’t be able to choose in a normal game mode.


Thanks for those.
No, I will not add save plugins, but there will be checkpoint systems that won’t make you go all over the whole game just because you failed one stat check. Death won’t occur just because you failed 1 martial stat check, or 2, or 3. It will because of your wrong moves. You can already die in the siege scene.


After I finish the siege scene with every(8) weapons. If it was a basic stat check, yeah, but it really requires some imagination to write completely different scenes for completely different weapons. Well, you can date both Layne and Vulfram from generals. (Because dating Harold is…uh, would be “weird” put it kindly). I guess I’ll make Layne bisexual and Vulfram heterosexual. That’s what I have in mind right now.


Is it related to plot because if not then maybe making ROs bisexual would be more supported. But It’s your choice and I am just stating my opinion :smiley:


Well, I mean, every game I have literally played, characters are mostly Bisexual. I want to make something different now, I mean, if you’re interested in someone, it doesn’t mean THEY HAVE TO be interested in response. Some will be heterosexual, some will be gay, some will be bisexual, etc.


Fair enough. :thinking:

Face the rejection. :joy:


Well, I mean, you wouldn’t really say that if you had the trello link and uh…saw the planned RO amount. Trust me…


Well my hands are full so i might not be able to test the game his week but hey I promise I will do it whenever I get some time.