Blood and Steel (WiP) (Updated 18th of February)



I just had multiple threads open for the most part.


Realized that is no error and just a wrong paragraph inserted into a wrong scene. That is still not finished.
You’d need Harold as general to continue right now.


I have him as my bodyguard and the crazy lady as the general.


I know. In the screenshot, Harold acts as the general, so thats just bad wording and thought you went wrong with Harold as general(even though I have replayed with him many times and was really confused whats the issue). Layne as a general is not finished.
Nor is Vulfram.


Got it, I will wait then. I like it so far tho.


The only way you can continue now is through choosing Harold as a general. You can, then, choose any type of weapon you like. (8 different scenes and 4k words for that. Jesus, letting the players choose their weapons is a pain in the…). Yes, you can continue the siege with any weapon, but to get to the boss fight, you need a shortsword and a shield as other weapons are being worked on currently.


Did I mention? YOU can lose the battle. YOU can let your bodyguard die.
I want the game to have choices with impact.


I went with a mace and shield, maces are cool.


I think my finest descriptions of combat lays in blades, others are just filled with gore and brutal scenes to fill up the lack of words.


I’ll leave this here for you


What does this have to do with anything?


Sauron uses a mace and is wrecking people with it until he lost the ring.


Oh, its about the mace? Nevertheless, I have watched this before.


You said you were having trouble with making scenes with other weapons so I posted an example of the one I chose. I think movies can provide good inspiration.


Thanks, but a story can’t be repetitive. I can’t use the words “bash” and “swing” a thousand times. (Which is what Sauron is literally doing).


I know, it was just an example. He was taking out groups at a time tho, which was pretty cool. Also the kind of damage this weapon can do is pretty crazy. I’d recommend checking out some of the deadliest warrior if you’re interested in what some of these weapons can do. The demos they did with weapons is interesting. I think almost all of the weapons we can choose were used.


Wait. Let me refresh my memory…Does the link include the fight with your weapons? For example, can you use the mace in the battle? I know I can for my own game, but don’t know about the link.


What do you mean? I know it was a choice along with several others.


Can you choose the mace in the armory, choose Haro-
Oh wait, you never chose Harold as a general, I shouldn’t be asking you.


Basically, can you fight with any weapons in the siege defense scene? Is the siege defense even available in the link?