Blood and Steel (WiP) (Updated 18th of February)



Yeah(?) I don’t really know about this :sweat_smile: but you do confused about this so why not ask?


@moderators Could someone close the poll if its possible? The one on the thread? Or if not, I could PM you how I want to edit it? Thank you.


Poll closed. Please PM me if you’d rather edit the old one than create a new one (I think that’s possible.)


this is an interesting game


yeah I don’t know why they don’t choose Vulfram…he can be a proudly man ( most of the strategies mans are like that so I fine ) I do not choose Harold because I could see that he treats the a little harsh and that could be a problem…and about the “mad woman” I will not like that someone leads my soldiers and in the middle of the battle goes crazy and kill half of my mens


I’d honestly prefer it if Vulfram treated his men harshly, because that would build discipline. And if Vulfram doesn’t follow our orders, will it be possible to execute him @N1GHTMAR3?


Harold’s more of a discipline guy. Vulfram le-…Oh, I don’t want to spoil it for you. You can learn about him if you ask the spy master.
You can execute probably everyone except some characters like your mother and very close relatives. Plus, you need a valid reason or you’ll get a civil war on your hands.


Hmm. I’m getting errors when trying to charm the villagers in order to raise the levies. Odd.


hmmm I don’t know what to feel about that statement my general

“I believe discipline is something for weak commanders. If your men are loyal, I do not care if they drink for days nor if they decide to have a little fun. If they are loyal, they will follow my order without the need of disciplinary methods. And trust me, they’re a lot better than those…”


Hmm, yes, could you take screenshot of the error? Could you also give me your build? (I think it works perfectly when you choose Harold as a general, rest are unfinished).


Oh, I most definitely chose the drunk lady as my general. My phone has died that I was using to play the game, but I’ll get on that when I can.


I don’t know if this has been answered but what are you supposed to do for the motto? quotes and a full stop, what is a full stop?


I think quote is self explanatory.
If you want your motto to be-Wielders of Glory, add double quotes.
"Wielders Of Glory"

So, if you want your motto to be Wielders Of Glory, it’d be like:
“Wielders Of Glory”


Oh got it. It’s a period. I didn’t know that phase.


I don’t really use one word for it. Sometimes its period, sometimes its a fullstop for me. Either works.


I’ve actually used the phase before and did’t make the connection to punctuation lol.


Got my family motto. “Hic Sunt Dracones”.



Sees the other tabs open.
Uuuhhhhhhhhhhhh…Is it safe to play 10+ WiPs at the same time?
(I’ll fix that).


What do you think i do all my day? :smile: