Blood and Steel (WiP) (Updated 18th of February)



Who/what next to draw?
Edit: I am not an author to any of these amazing artworks. I have a “personal designer”.


He seems like a proud man, appearance really do can deceiving :laughing:

Seems that can be do considering my mc treat his/her peoples right :thinking:

Lady​ Selena?

His/her/their drawing certainly have potential :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s a “he”. And yeah, he’s really awesome.


you know only for that phrase i can already give you a idea for your game,
if our mc is a intelligent one, you can make him do some amazing things, like change an appointed bodyguard or general if he sees a betrayal coming :smirk:

" You know Vulgram, You should have never underestimate the mind of your ruler, I sentence you to death for betrayal"
shock appears in the face of the new appointed general " I have not betray you!!"
you speak with a cold voice and a smile in your face " But you do intent to do that in the future, sadly for you it will never happen "


Well, yes, but intelligence wouldn’t do that.
Planned to do 50+ traits, one of them is “perceptive”, which lets you be aware of your surroundings. So, the game wouldn’t clearly tell you the guy’s betraying you, but drop some hints.


i think both perception of body language and intelligence can make someone see a untrustworthy character.


Yes, but traits are unlocked through stat checks.
So if you have high intelligence you get a perceptive trait.
If you have the perceptive trait…well, its obvious.


Are there other characters who potentially betray mc aside from Vulfram?


Wait, I never said Vulfram betrays you.
It was an example.


Ah okay I misunderstand that, but are there more than one character that going to?


More than one primary character. Secondary characters are basically all about skill, for example, choosing a secondary character(A commander of a castle) with low skills may end up surrendering or getting bribed.
If you do want more statistics I can use direct messaging to message you the trello link.


Do you have some Idea of how many traits will an character end the game with on an “normal” run?


Okay, I’ll be honest. A lot of the traits are martial ones, so if you don’t go martial, you’ll probably never achieve them. Then, there are intrigue traits, and the least traits are for diplomacy. I’d assume AT LEAST 20 traits on one playthrough and I guess if you go martial, maybe like 30.


That will be very workfull on your end, but Very cool for the players. Keep on the good work.


Thank you! Will try as it’ll be a busy weekend from now on.


That seems like a strange argument to me. Okay, sure, she’s loyal without a doubt, but if her irrational behaviour ends up leading her to give nonsensical orders who get part of your army slaughtered… was it worth it?

And honestly, I find it interesting that so many here claim “loyalty” as the most important virtue. It is important, yes, but absolute loyalty toward a ruler that did nothing to earn it? I think it can denotes a dangerous mindset. All in all, while flat out dishonest or treacherous advisors are to be avoided, I have no problem with someone who starts out openly sceptical of the MC; in fact, I think I’d enjoy the challenge of earning that loyalty, rather than having to deal with yes-men from the get-go.


The fact that people chose a crazy general over a proud one just makes me think how human minds differ.


Maybe the fact that I used the word “legendary” or this made their change their minds?

I had to counterbalance the fact that she was crazy, so I just added the “legendary general” trait to her.


By the way, who should I contact about the removal of a poll? I think its no longer necessary, the one on the thread about the cheatmenu.


I’m not sorry