Blood and Steel (WiP) (Updated 18th of February)



Seems fair to me :+1:




Hmmm, conversation there certainly interesting and random :hushed: i hope you all enjoying yourselves there :smile:




layne is the best for me, a legendary general that hate the enemy make it the best even if she act irrationally, she will never be bought by the enemy so it means she will stay loyal to me.
i dont choose Harold cause hes the best for bodyguard, excellent swordman and trustworthy of not killing me while i sleep.


Yes, he’s better as a bodyguard.


and since layne is a woman, my mc can seduce her loyalty :smirk:



How important is he in the story?


Okay, good logic because people chose Harold as the general for “trust issues”. Layne was tortured by the enemy, why the heck would she betray you?


Pretty important, plus you can kill him.


Can someone explain why Vulfram is the least liked as a general?


hesitates to accept your orders, you should decide if he is to be trusted

i whould say that is my main reason, (and i prefer a legendary general than an excellent general… beside if i can seduce layne it will mean both a legendary general and a loyal lover )


Yes, I think if you choose her as a RO and gain enough relationship you can actually “cure” her from this mental illness.


For me he seems too proud, I’m okay with people being like that but it’s seems he too proud for my liking considering he may not obey mc because of that. Also from his description he seems the most untrustworthy out of the three.


No doubt.


He even already like that in the beginning…


She’s unstable.
Sometimes she has trouble speaking, and sometimes she’s literally the most elite commander.


By the way, finished with Eden.



Wow she impressive :hushed: is she really need that cure?


I didn’t mean “cure” literally. If you show enough love and confront her, she will overcome this “craziness”.