Blocked due to limit


It says I’m blocked from replying because I’ve reached my limit for the day, so, it can’t reply only create a topic. omg… how frustrating and not user-friendly


Please, why don’t you read carefully all tutorials and the wiki and then post your doubts instead spamming like a spam bot. If you don’t read text and don’t try by yourself you never would learn. this requires patience and working


It looks like you replied 5 or 6 times to one thread. They limit this to prevent unnecessary clutter. Try to gather a lot of questions and then ask them all at once.

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The limit is set to stop new users from spamming the forums without first reading the rules and checking out any of the many tutorials we have with the search function.

If you’d an issue you could have privately messaged any of the moderators about it instead of creating yet another new topic.

We suggest starting off by reading the forum rules. Once you’ve done that do a search of the forums for any problems you’re having.

Reaperoa Edit: Only after you’ve explored both those options to the fullest do we recommend you make a post with your problem.