Blades Of Damascus (WIP) {Please read Post #62/Polls on #95}

A little bug here :beetle:


First line


“They revealed they were your family, Reuben was your father’s brother while Cordelia is your twin bro” Cordelia my twin sister should be sis, not bro.

I’m impressed Adam." !Cordelia says between catching her breath.

Extra punctuation there, although I’m not sure if you were going for “I’m impressed, character name!” or “I’m impressed, character name.”

This is definitely something I will keep on my radar.

@Vashnik, @Hearts Thanks for those catches! I was copy-pasting code and forgot to change the boolean, should be fixed now.
The first line is also fixed for the ToS game dialogue

@stsword Thank you for catching that, I put the wrong variable :sob: it’s fixed now, as well as putting in the punctuation.
Yes it is meant to be the latter due to the way I’m trying to write the twins personality.

Slight spoiler with spoiler inside

C is at the moment kind of put off on how they interact with the MC since they didn’t grow up together as they did with Zac, or even interactions they will have with Nyx and Weylin when I get to that point. I’m planning on C’s personality to also differ whether they’re in battle or not. Them saying they’re impressed with the MC is more of a ‘Huh. Neat.’ instead of how Gwen would reply. Originally I had even planned for you twin to have different personalities depending on if they were Castiel or Cordelia but then that felt too convoluted to me. I hope this answers your question. :slightly_smiling_face:

@KIogenta22 Thank you for that! I’m glad you enjoy the story! :smile_cat:

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Have you considered an option to have not had a first kiss in “truth or shot”. I feel that would probably get a pretty funny reaction out of Gwen at the least. No one would believe you at first either. Could definitely make for a good scene.

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@Dartknight i honestly had not thought of that, but that does sound pretty funny :smile: I’ll work on writing that up this week

Side note: I finally closed the poll! It looks like Luca’s the winner so I’ll also start writing up a little excerpt on him this week as well.


Progress Update:
I hate the midwest/heartlands.

Mini rant that can be ignored

The past week of storms and the tornado warning has not been fun.
You would think living someplace, nearly you’re whole life, you’d be immune from getting sick from the drastic fluctuations in temperatures. :expressionless:
Granted where I live wasn’t hit as hard as others, so I hope anyone living in the parts where it was pretty bad are ok.

The update is coming along nicely though, so far expected WC update is going to be more than the usual 10,000 that I put out. I’m hoping to finish up the last of the first chapter as well and it’ll include more expansion on the lore of the world again and background on the RO’s. As well as my favorite part a Christmas party where either Luca or Reuben will try to be a wingman for you. :joy_cat:

That’s not including the side story about Luca which is going to be convoluted as hell to code when I start doing it. Since his story, Briar’s and possibly Castiel/Cordelia’s stories will have you input basic information and depending on if/who your first kiss was will determine which story will be shown. It’s a little ambitious instead of just throwing a little snippet like Nyx’s was so it won’t be included with the update. Eventually, I may also add more than one side excerpt per character too, although they would be unlockable with a different password that you’d get if you romanced them in the main story so post-game content pretty much.


So my sick brain did not realize today was already the 11th. :mask: I really was not expecting to be sick for this long. The originally planned update is still in the works of being written, it was mostly done though I just need to finish Gwen, Zac, and Briars mini scenes and those are about 2,000 words each. I also have the Christmas scene partially completed it’s just the coding for that was getting to me.

So sadly instead of being the around 17,000-word update, this update is mainly just bug fixes with an extra 1,250 words of an extra scene. With me being as sick as I am I just couldn’t write as much as I wanted to, so I’m sorry about not being able to put out the full update. Although that just means that when I do the full update itll be more than the 17,000 because now I’ll be able to add more filler.

I’ll also be setting up kind of a formal way of how I update. It will be 2x a month on hopefully set dates with 1 being mainly bug fixes/typo corrections/etc and the 2nd one being the official story update adding more content that way something like this won’t happen again. Plus the major updates will be more than 10,000-words guaranteed.


  • I got 9,575/17,000 written of the original update
  • Instead of uploading it though unfinished I just uploaded bug fixes and 1 additional scene with Briar and Luca.
  • I’m making an official schedule for updates in case I get severely sick like this again.
  • Also the main post will be updated detailing feedback that I’m looking for.

Don’t rush with the writing. Health comes first. Hope you’ll get better soon.


Yes your health comes first, just want to check something is the scene in the bedroom between Luca, Brair and the MC the last one? As I got stuck with a perma loading bar.

Yes it is currently if you had already chose to either agree with Briar or not on castrating Luca the last line should be a page_break saying The Next Morning and oh no I see what you’re talking about on the perma loading bar :pensive: it should be fixed now

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Oh think that part before Briar said castrate Luca, she seems lack of actions, I almost thought that was only Luca and the MC are in the room until I double take that was Briar saying…


I didn’t realize that some people may see it that way. :slightly_frowning_face: Briar is meant to be a little bit on the “wallflower-y” side, even if it’s just the three of them together it’s still difficult for her to speak more. It’ll be too spoiler-y if I say anything more on it :sweat_smile: I can work on adding more lines that kind of show that it is Briar speaking since the following below are actually her lines:

Spoilerish inside if you haven't read the updated demo


“You don’t know where the spare blankets and pillows are do you?”

“Like when we were 16?”

Although I can work on adding more filler lines that show it is Briar who is speaking.

I will admit originally she wasn’t intended as an RO and had a completely different look to how I see her now :sweat_smile: so it is a little difficult figuring out how her path plays out now that I have to figure in if the MC romances her or not.

Aw I didn’t mean that way lack of actions, I mean maybe you can give her some line like “heard Luca said that, she rolls her eyes, but she doesn’t show any disapprove at all”(just for example). I’m quite confused to figure out who said what…

Guten Tag. I’ve gave blades of Damascus a try and I’d say its interesting. I have something to address though if you don’t mind

When we make the decision to clean up our mom’s kitchen, shouldn’t sympathy be the stat rising up instead of stoic?

That makes sense, I will definitely work on adding more to that part.

Is it just the difference between when MC and Briar speaks or is it all three of them in general in that scene that is confusing? I’m going through the scene now and adding some descriptors in so hopefully that will help when I update it.

@ollierocket23 Hello and thank you for giving my demo a try :blush: That does sound odd, I just found out where the code was where I accidentally set it like that :face_with_raised_eyebrow: so I fixed it and I’ll probably throw up the fix when I update the fix for above too. I definitely don’t mind if you find anything else please throw it at me! This being my first WIP I want to make sure that I get the coding right especially for the stats and relationships.

Since these are minor fixes they’ll probably updated in the morning or so once I get some more writing in.:slightly_smiling_face:


So I’ve been toying around with an idea or two and i wanted to ask you guys:

  1. What would you think of a sanity stat for how your MC copes with the whole situation they’ve been thrown into?
  2. Who has been your least and favorite primeval so far and why?

Does this end on the next morning?

Yep! For now…