Blades Of Damascus (WIP) {I'm back!}

the errors are kinda all over

Ok thank you very much, I’ve caught a bit so far and corrected them, I’m about halfway through the prologue currently and once I’ve gone through everything I’ll upload the corrected version.

It’ll probably be uploaded in ten hours give or take, it’s because there’s also some minor sentence changes and a little extra content. Also because I need sleep at some point :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the reply, so far I have enjoyed the rewrite, although I missed the friends coming over before the events, I think that was in the original, but I could be misremembering due to how long ago I last read it :sweat_smile:

No problem at all! You’re correct, having your friends come over was was in the original version, I did enjoy writing that part but I decided that meeting your friends, the blanket fort and the TOS scenes belong in another part of the demo. :wink:

Do we get a scythe?? I really hope that’s one of weapons we choose.

I do have 4-5 weapons currently planned I’m debating on whether I need to cut one or not though. I don’t want to spoil anything though, at least if I haven’t spoiled it already in an earlier post :grin:

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Added Very Minor Update drop down underneath the 06/06/21 update with the updated word count, really only added about 2,000 words since I forgot to do an updated word count after uploading after you’re sacrificed.

A lot of it is hidden by spoilers just in case and I did get through about to just before the MC is knocked out in the story on the your/you’re fixes there was a lot more than I thought, but I’m not done going through the whole demo for the fixes.

Everything should be listed though under the tab, once again feel free to let me know of any bugs/errors/typos you see during playthroughs


Yea don’t spoil nothing I’m liking the story alot and just wanted to say a hopeful thought. Can’t wait for the whole story. Lol

Very cool to see you return after your hiatus! Blades was one of the first WIPs I read on the forum so I’m delighted to see it come back, good luck for the future updates!