ce qui est arrivé à elle hevanishedadnno ame


WhAt happened to what?


her ame she promised nd she took five other osts on ooking erman food


Oh I don’t speak anything but English and a little Spanish but not really countable I suppose


and posted every two onths


Voldemort you shouldnt make useless threads like this


ok orry ust needed to rrealese nger at ittersweet


Your key board missing a few keys , or are you typing too fast to care


strong french acccent


Well dont, it is very rude, even if you are angry dont make threads like this. It is also close to breaking a rule. If you need to vent anger do it at your house not online


It shows in your typing quite distinctly




who was the guy who cussed at everyone about no more full games
even jason


… umm no clue what your talking about, what thread i dont read certain ones…
We need to shut this down also, i cant but a mod will probably


ill st quit hoice of games i’m a disgrace




He’s going to quit Cog


@Voldemort1, as Wired said, creating threads just for the purpose of badmouthing another forum member (or “releasing anger” as you’d have it) is inappropriate – it falls under “harassment” in the rules. Please don’t do it again. No one else, either.