Birth of a Superhero... or Villain? (update 15th Dec)



@greekjohn1998, changed introvert to Awkwardness
@Blank, thanks, I corrected those!
@Sempurus corrected armour bug
@Kane_Smith_B_In_K_Pa thanks, I corrected the stone bug (this has proved to be a very pesky bug throughout…). Added option to teleport away, fly away, or jump to a nearby building to avoid the journalists.
@VainCorsair, corrected typo, thanks!
@Blank, @SoBayKid, the scene is now improved, with boss reacting to their opinion of you, and options added for those with telepathy and emotional manipulation powers.

To do list
-Add some more 5 point or 15 point “small powers” (thanks @Sempurus, post #409. For example, "I can identify enemy weak points (fighting +15), thanks Blank).
-Add possibility of port official trying to run away (fly, teleportation, water breathing to catch him, weapons dealer has a mercenary to fight). Possibility to turn them in.
-Add option for MC to invent a gadget? (high engineering and intelligence) High Frequency Blades, Railguns or Gauss rifles.
-More choices of professions (student, scientist?). On the 4th day there should be difference (engineer called away to building, student going to lecture). Thanks @GenecoInheritor
-Add instances of use of engineering, law and journalism to provide extra info to MC
-Re-write some of the dialogues for co-workers, to add flavour (a frequent complaint, so I need to work on this!). More interaction with them.
-Place all powers chosen in the power choosing page, add possibility to clear and choose again.
-Possibility to eventually romance the boss? Having a base? working for a government organisation?
-Mr Watson chapter part II and III (romance Catalina?), Black cockroach sidekick, other sidekick, billards bar (total 5 extra)


I was playing as a pyromancer, on normal difficulty, when this pointless option came up (the bottom one in the picture).


Thanks, just corrected the bug (going into the next update)!


You get your powers from a piece of meteorite, can choose to have time powers, have the option to pummel your opponent rapidly, and one of the aliases is “Shining Justice”.

Is this a freaking Jojo reference?


No idea what a jojo reference is… is this a superhero? Anyway, I guess basically with the powers offered you can make quite a lot of different superheroes… the aliases were all a bit random also…


I was talking about Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, a very popular anime/manga series, and is pretty much a gold mine of memes. Here are the explanations for the things I mentioned:

Power from a piece of meteorite: Starting from the third part, the mangaka introduced the concept of “stand”, which is a manifestation of your fighting spirit. Normally, it only happens within the main protagonist’s bloodline, but other people can get it as well if they get stabbed by a “stand arrow”, which is made from shards of a particular meteor.

Pummel your opponents rapidly: A series staple, a carryover from its inspiration, Fist of the North Star. Becomes highly memetic due to, again, the third part where the stands do this accompanied by a distinct battle cry. If you’re wondering where the “oraoraora” or “mudamudamuda” comes from, it’s from here.

Time powers: The main villain of part 3 has the ability to stop time with this stand, The World (the stands in part 3 are named after tarot cards). The power itself, the way he announces it by yelling “za warudo”, the “dubstep fart” sound effect, the negative filter, and the already mentioned battle cry “mudamudamuda”, they’re all part of part 3’s signature memes.

Shining justice: The third opening song for part 4’s anime adaptation starts with those exact words, and people consider said song to be the best one out of the 3.

You should check it out if you’re interested. The manga is still ongoing with part 8, and they just announced an anime adaptation for part 5. With how popular and influential Jojo is in Japan, I’m surprised you didn’t know it considering the many times you mentioned Japan in this game, and even made another game with Japan as the actual setting.


Intelligence- invented a spray that stuns our oppents
Also I find it weird with such a little salary the MC can afford to build power armour would i5 bw possible to explain how we got this


Any of you heroes listening would make more sense.


On its side would make more sense


Try intelligent not intelligence


Take out of or about


Possible idea: have the enhanced human genome kidnap senator mceghan as she is very public about her disapporval for their institution
Bonus: they try and replace her with a secret member of their organization
Skills that will come in handy: journalism,intelligence, psyche,telepath


Xray vision-

[Spoiler] can see robber`s gun isn’t loaded.
Bypass steel areonaunt egineering check to break fragile compunets /[Spoiler]


So far, I’ve gone through the game with shadow and light powers, and I eventually plan to see what the game is like with the other ones. So, for now, I won’t talk about balance when it comes to choosing your elemental affinity or anything of the sort, but like many others have mentioned, there’s a lot of grammar and spelling errors at the moment. For example, when you’re creating a quoted sentence, it should generally look something like this: “The girl really loves cats.” instead of “The girl really loves cats”. Also, in the last dialogue option, “intelligence” should be “intelligent” and in the third one, you forgot to put “to” after “you”.

I’ve also noticed that in both games when I chose long blonde hair, the screen would say that I had short blonde hair. I didn’t take a screenshot of my selection during the hairstyle/color selection screen, but I am quite confident that I picked “long” instead of “short”.


That’s all I’ve got for now. I’ll post back if I notice anything else or have any more feedback. This is a really interesting game that offers a lot of unique customization, and I am really eager to see the finished product, and I hope that my feedback helps at least a little bit during the development phase.


I was playing as a villain ( despite the name of the game) and when I chose to not send mum money it said she ended the call but then said we talked for a while and I will send her money in the morning


Adrao needs to see a screenshot it helps him locate the glitch
(If you can’t get one say so I will find it)




Thanks for letting me know


Sorry for late reply, and thanks for all the suggestions and bug reports! Last few days I was just concentrating on moving the story forward.

But, I’m facing a bit of a conundrum at the moment. Somebody posted (can’t remember who, sorry, writing this quickly on my phone in way to uni, crazy day ahead…) about how can somebody build again armour or gadgets with salaries available. I agree this sounds unrealistic (and I’m not contemplating making MC rich add it would completely need up the story). So, its either doing this option (inventor path), or adding one or two side stories to allow MC to make money. Aside from diving a bank I’m not to sure what to do… My plan is to add a scene if going after drug dealers and keeping their money (massive increase in vigilante)… Any other thoughts!


There’s always blackmail.