Birth of a Superhero... or Villain? (Recruiting beta testers for SUPERVILLAIN game path, post #826)



Can you make the option to flirt with the news reporter?

I’d love to be in beta testing if you ever need anyone.


What if the MC makes money by receiving rewards for saving famous politicians. Then, as an inventor you can give us a choice on what we should upgrade or create wigs the money. This doesn’t stray from the story at all. If the MC is on a villain path then say we straight up stole the some money from a bank robber or robbed a criminal.


@Pedro_Ferreira. Thanks! some of the NPCs change gender (like, it is possible to choose among some of them). But, this makes things a bit more complicated to code, and I’m not convinced that it produces the best results in terms of storytelling… so, not sure I’m 100% going down that route in this or other games…

@Blank, I don’t think either of them would really write a report on this?

@lokidemon007 added mask and hood option!

@Athenian_Soldier, thanks corrected!

@BigSmoke, it would be hard for SA to romance a hero who is trying to put them behind bars? I cannot really see how something like that can work… don’t necessarily have to be evil, but need to prove your love!

@Julie04 yes, that part will eventually be coded… somehow I lost a bit of steam on that path while trying to concentrate on moving the second part of the story forward, but will eventually return to that.

@Yuh-boy_Anto, yes, that’s the sort of direction I’m moving in…


New update is up for those in the private WIP thread (for second part of the story). Do let me know if I forgot to add anybody who contributed bugs or suggestions…


Found this hom should be home


Is there a way to see all potential powers?

I enjoyed this game a lot, but the writing is a bit too… dry? I don’t know what word would fit here. It’s also difficult to tel what some of this stuff does.

Is it possible to get paid more than $4500?


Yeah, choose tax lawyer or aerospace engineer. Some career paths may pay even higher.


Fire has no defensive powers? No flame shield, no Phoenix regeneration?


Probably, this lasted for only a few seconds, though you felt that moment in time lasted hours, as you felt Your heart stopped for a minute. [Spirit Powers]

Movement: Wall Climbing, Teleportation ( via tv screen not really )
Offensive: hair tendrils to ensnare an opponent, Claws, Psychic Choke, Psychic throw, magically summoned blade.
Defensive regeneration, intangibility like a ghost for for some attacks,
Miscellaneous: Emotional control, enter dreams or cause nightmares, Mind control, curse


@Patar, I accept the criticism regarding the “dry” writing. I’m actually a researcher, and if you read the normal stuff I write it’d send you to sleep in 5m (10m if you drank tons of coffee!). I guess my games tend to go more for “gamebook” feel (with complicated game mechanics) rather than CoG stories with well developed characters written in beautiful prose. I’m improving (or, I feel I am), as re-reading my first WIP (The Nebula) makes me immediately spot so many problems, that I never realized were there at first. Who knows, in 200 years I might even be able to write decent fiction! :wink: But, I do know that in this story I have to do something about some of the co-workers, as they have been frequently criticised as boring. I’m planning a major re-write of that part of the game, but after I finish the second half (as I’m worried that if I start to re-write the first half I might “run out of steam”, which is dangerous in these projects…)


I feel your current stories are at a much higher level of achievement and am happy to see you grow.


The fighting scenes could use some work I finally tried the latest version the steel aeronaut battle let’s you drop the light fixture in the museum twice.


Maybe have a coworker have have their birthday or create a character whose obsessed with powers and constantly bombard you with questions


It’s still good, just a different kind of good!

Personally I always liked the games that made me feel like I had actual control over my own destiny, not the flavor text stuff. I think it’s great you’re writing gamebook style stuff, and you’ve improved a lot from Tokyo Wizard, I just think your style is still coming into bloom.


I agree you have dramaticly improved since then tho I did love tokyo wizard it was one of my faves
P.s you are tied for favorite author


@Patar, @Blank, thanks for the words, and glad you both liked Tokyo Wizard. I made lots of mistakes there, but hopefully learnt from them. Technically speaking, that was my 3rd WIP (The Nebula was first, then I started Highway Wars, then Tokyo Wizard. In between there were the chapters for Starship Adventures and Lost in the Pages, but of course writing a couple of chapters is different from an entire story…) Anyway, recently I started a fantasy WIP with the same “engine” as Tokyo Wizard, which hopefully won’t repeat many of the mistakes I made in other games (instead making new ones! :wink: )

@GenecoInheritor, I just sorted that bug out, let me know if you find any others! (it’s difficult to find these bugs unless players point them out, as the codes for fighting scenes are increasingly more complex, given the variety of powers… which is why I’m currently reticent to add anything that does not easily fit into what is already there…)


But, just because of one of the last comments, how do you feel about how choices matter in the story? (on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being completely railroaded and 5 being the exact opposite)

  • 1.The story is completely railroaded. I feel like my choices don’t matter at all
  • 2.The story is slightly railroaded. I feel like my choices matter a little bit, though overall it’s difficult to change the path of the game
  • 3.Average amount of railroading. Feels typical of what I would expect
  • 4.I feel that my choices matter. The outcomes of the decisions I make influence my path
  • 5.I feel completely free, and choices are very important. This game is one of the best examples of interactive fiction choices

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if you don’t assign any of your points did you technically become a superhero?


Captain useless
(Joke not being mean)


Captain Powerless according to Dirty Girl


This guy fights a genuis wearing a military grade robot I think their pretty useless
Like the reference bte