Birth of a Superhero... or Villain? (Poll on personality system #912)


Absolutely in love with this game

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Thank you

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My bigger question is what level do we need to resist the neurochick at the bank when you first decide to be evil. Is that also 40+? Like I said, the only way to get the vamp scene is by getting through her scene and they both require psyche. It’s not a huge issue and it’s mainly a curiosity thing then anything


I just realised that I want nightmare powers for this game! The ability to make my enemies see their worst fears and things from their imagination twisted around and brought to life. It could be like in ghostbusters with the marshmellow man all over again :stuck_out_tongue: (j/k- please get it finished, no more extra nightmares for anyone real or otherwise.)


At some point SA shoots a blast at me and none of my options allow me to dodge, defend or do anything about the blast. All the options are to attack.

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I am hoping to put together a hero organization because I’ll be darned if I don’t feel bad for the shark man who needs to eat a lot of meat


Sorry if I said this last time, but the “tournament” you set up in the epilogue just doesn’t interest me. I like balancing life and work, and getting to know the personalities of others. It just feels wrong to leave it all.

Thank you so much for allowing me to be a mercenary though.

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@ChristandJackel you need to have at least psyche >23, or over 46 if you don’t want to suffer any damage . I agree it’s a difficult one… not sure whether I should create an alternative path here, fighting somebody else who didn’t go on psyche? But yes, that’s the only way to get to the vamp scene through the evil path… is this unfair to the player?

@Jacic there is already nightmare powers in there, no? (if you choose dream manipulation you can make your enemies fear you… or, should this be separated or clearly indicated?)

@Whisper_Gardener I think this option exists already in the first fight… I added a new option in the second one, which allows you to adopt a defensive stance (will make it harder for the SA to hit you, but not impossible). Any other thoughts? (I’m happy to implement more fight options you can think of…)

@kingzug unfortunately the sharkman is part of the superhero group. Do you feel there should be an option to choose somebody else? mmmmm

@kckolbe Sorry about that, but I can’t really do much about it. In my mind, the storyline goes to another planet (basically the stories go wherever my mind takes me, and Thor Ragnarok is one of my favourite superhero movies of these days). So, it has heavily inspired my thoughts for the next game (if this one is well received). But, if you have any other suggestions let me know (I’m doing a playthrough now as a mercenary, and I’m loving it myself, so thank you for such a great suggestion! :slight_smile: )


And… my brilliant artist just completed some more artwork for the game!

I posted this on my facebook page:


I am relieved to hear that the story doesn’t go that route in this game, so at least there is time to be part of this world first. I played through as a merc as well (only asking for money on a job well done), and yeah, lots of fun. I hope that in the next game, we don’t completely ignore earth.

For this game, I do wish I had more options on “free time.” Most of them, I would work on my job more (it seems the second one will be incomplete no matter what?) or train other skills. All in all, though, I am enjoying it.


I wouldn’t say that. Narrative wise it makes sense due to the only way to get the scene is by subjecting yourself to mental enslavement. I was just curious. In reality having it that you could become a vamp slave would be a funny abrupt ending to the game but that’s it. It’s fine as it stands, imo

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Yes, that’s for next game for sure. They should be relatively “self-contained”, though in my current thinking Earth won’t re-appear until the 3rd book (if it ever gets written, it always depends on reception…)

What else would you like to do on your “free time”? I’m aware that the mercenary/supervillain routes dont have many options for that…

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So what about the ROs options on Earth. We won’t see them again until the 3rd book?

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For posterity, I normally choose the vigilante path, but yeah, on this playthrough I investigated less. I would like the options at work really, screwing off and learning a skill or putting in some time on my project. Genuine question, is it possible to get the second one done?

Also, maybe some type of “intergalactic” comms device to check in with some friends in game 2?


I really enjoyed this WIP and will be anxiously awaiting its release ^^! Thank you for your hard work and hang in there!!

I just have a suggestion to make (if it has already been made, my apologies). During the fight with the japanese ninja in the Watson investigation, there were a couple of paragraphs that were kind of funky put together. It was along the lines of, “However, he dodged and aimed his katana at your throat. However, your force field blocked it”.

I get it that it’s most likely due to coding, but I just felt it was a bit wonky. Everything else was lovely, really ^^


I’m really looking forward to this – the meteorite stones were always an intriguing mystery throughout the story. It also let’s the MC’s character continue to grow, because by the time the end occurs it’s possible they’ve settled into their heroism or villainy. Also, space and aliens are always cool. :alien:

I think having an intergalactic comms device could be a good idea, too, even if it can only be used once or can only work if your relationship with a character is high enough.

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Well I am gonna guess that Tidal Bore, and maybe JUST maybe that guy that is very full of himself

also do you mean “Unfortunately the sharkman isn’t a part of the superhero group”

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No, no it’s fine :grin: I actually need to pick that one and try it out. I meant more creating people’s nightmares out of thin air like a sorcerer might summon a demon to run around causing havoc for the person it’s targeted to. I don’t really want you to add this though. There’s already heaps of powers to choose from

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Probably not, sorry… who is your favourite?

@kckolbe but, the intergalactic comms device is a great idea! So, I might include this, if the MC manages to get their hands on one… regarding how feasible it is… well, it’s just writing another story. It just depends if people like this one (I have many other stories in my head, and actually never got round to doing Tokyo Wizard 2…)

@Rosemary_Death it seems this is your first post? (welcome to the forum!) I was trying to find the bug, but couldn’t… can you post a screenshot? (the later part of the game are probably more buggy than the first half, which has been more extensively playtested by now, so any bug reports are really welcome!)

@expectedoperator yes, this is also one of my thoughts!

@kingzug, Sharkman is part of the supergroup (sorry for the confusing sentence… what I meant is that I’m sorry that he is there, given that you don’t seem to like this character…)


The MC could find one…or maybe build one with an engineering (or INT + engineering) check. By book 2, any inventor type should be able to manage it. If not, there’s always other supers who might be able to (like Aeronaut, maybe? Or some henchman/sidekick the MC ends up acquiring?) I’m not asking for some deep, involved story taking place on Earth, just “check-ins”, some relationship maintaining, maybe even trying to keep your job by having to “e-mail” projects halfway across the galaxy to get them submitted on time! That last line felt so perfect, by the way, that I would be hurt if it didn’t make it into both the sequel and the teaser blurb FOR the sequel.

Basically, I just really wanted to stress that this story has THREE features that really make it stand out against the swarm of other superhero stories. 1) The most customizable power suite (though this is sometimes a pain), 2) choosing whether you are hero/villain/in between (yeah, big surprise, in a CYOA it’s nice to determine my own identity), and 3) having to balance it against real world responsibilities. This last one is really what impressed and hooked me the most, so I really can’t overstress how important it is to not completely abandon it.