Birth of a Superhero... or Villain? (Poll on personality system #912)


Sorry for the confusion, the topic is not closed! (just, I was apologizing for the lack of progress despite all the wonderful feedback that I got, and how I am still turning this in my head… any new thoughts and comments are always welcome!) I am in the “final phase” of the main game writing (already 258,000 words long…), which I was hoping to finish by the end of March or so (wishful thinking…)

Ah, yes, something must have cross-wired in my brain when I wrote this, but you are right, I was referring to Ethiopia and the threat of war from Egypt about the building of those dams.

Captain Villardi is mostly focused on your vigilante parameter, but I realised that there is a possibility that she might really like you as a person, but hate you for being a vigilante. So, I added an extra nuance to the range of possible replies on the newspaper interview (thanks!)


And another small update, moving the Non-Aeronaut villain path slightly forward, and introducing some more background info about the main hero in the city (so that he doesnt just appear out of the blue later…)


Yet another updates, moving the last path of the game forward a bit, though the scenes at the end of that path are a bit disconnected and need more work. I also added extra dialogue options for Carol, John and Jenny… overall about 5000 words extra (current game is 267k, with average playthroughs of 37,000). I’m now guessing the final game may well exceed 300k…


Found a grammar when carol eating lunch it says his not her food

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It’s still the 11th xd


Hey, just got this error.

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I got the error above as well.

Wouldn’t this be a protective aura?

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If you are talking about the spelling, armour, that is the British spelling of armor.

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I didn’t know that, but I actually wasn’t talking about the spelling, though I did type it in Google to see if it was spelled wrong. I was questioning if aura might be a better description since (the way I read it) it isn’t something he is actually wearing more like emitting. I believe it is even stated that it is a glow around his body. This made me think aura, not armour or even armor.


It was actually a good suggestion, so the private version of the game has already been changed to aura! (changes in the public version take longer to reflect, as I make changes to it less often these days).

But yes, indeed there is also a difference in spelling (armour, British, armor, USA). I’m from the UK, though it seems CoG requires american spelling, so I’m slowly converting the game to that…

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I don’t think that should be a requirement (there was at least one British word in Superlatives 2 when I beta tested it, maybe I should have reported that.), but using America “English” for a book about a hero in New York is probably a good idea.


Just uploaded another update, for those on the private thread. Main additions are for the “evil” path staying in New York (the last major path, still not finished but getting there!).

The game is now 270k long, with 36,000 long playthroughs… still quite a lot to do to finish the game, but somehow today I’m starting to get the feeling that it could be over soon!


Uh…which one is the evil path? I am absolutely confused?

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Is there away to beat steel in the first fight?


@Bathala, sorry, I meant the supervillain path (for some reason I keep calling it the evil path). But, this is only for those on the private threads.

@DontJudge, well, you can make her run away, but you can’t completely defeat her if that is what you mean (she will run away before that…)


Awesome sauce! I’ll give it a whiff. Super psyched.

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Because I can’t PM yet…


Is there a way to get enslaved by the vampire or is it impossible? I seem to always have too high a psyche for her and I’m not sure if it’s because my psyche had to be at a certain level to get to that point.

Also will we potentially get an amp by feeding on snowy? Considering their significance, I’d imagine it would make sense a bit

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Hi, I would like to be included in the private thread.

I played the public demo and I liked it, and I think I can help with comments.

for example having animal powers could have poison, spit acid or aquatic powers.
and with shadow powers to create an armor or that the shadows come off the ground and solidify like spears.


I like those abilities, but the author said that he won’t add anymore. xd


You always have a high psyche? (your psyche must at least higher than 40 to resist…) I would imagine that many players on normal difficulty wouldnt have the hero points to have a psyche so high, unless playing somebody with mental powers… or, maybe there is a bug? And yes, I still have to code this, but you should “get an amp by feeding on snowy”! (this is one of the loose ends still to be coded…)

@Franloc, sorry, as @DontJudge said, I cannot code any more powers (The game is becoming a nightmare as it is, with so many powers… but I added you to the private thread. Please provide some feedback on the second part of the game! :slight_smile: )

Otherwise, new update is up, coded during my last flight. In terms of words it is a smallish update, but it is fairly structural in terms of tying different parts of the game together (particularly for the villain path staying in NY). Also, there are 200+ bug and grammar fixes (I started playtesting the game myself… strange to say that I’m enjoying playing my own game!)