Birth of a Superhero... or Villain? (Poll on personality system #912)


@Bathala Mind control already exists, though I don’t want to extend this into changing bodies (too complicated…)
@zenith8 included this now!
@TrashyLollipops in which circumstances in the game do you think this should happen?
@CreoleGuy519 with mind control you can already do this in some instances…
@ChristandJackel incorporated many of the suggestions, thanks! How does the game feel now, going through it as a telepath? I’m too tired to go through some of the other suggestions now (I’ve been working on all this now for 5 hours solid, but will come back to it later!)

-Substantial additions (3-4 extra options per fight) for those with telepathy and mind control. Note that not all powers work in all occasions, and results are strongly influenced by psyche (thanks for all those suggestions).



Tell me when you have the Telephaty stuff ready to be tested I have bit of time after Tests have come so i figure i might help. Was quite nice being tester on the Sciifi Jam. Any news on it going free btw ? Jason is sure taking his time.

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I uploaded the new version an hour ago, so the fights should all have extra options now.

Regarding the pricing, I’ve exchanged some emails with him, though I need to propertly think about it…

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New update, with several hours of work yesterday and today during my latest flight. Mostly tidying up various threads in the game, plus the possibility of getting White Shark /Lyron as a side-kick.


Nice I love Shark

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So… I’m now trying to work on the “evil” path of the game when the MC stays (or returns to) New York (other paths such as following SA etc have been coded).

But… I have to confess I’m not sure what exactly to write about. Like, I have ideas, but not sure what would supervillains like to do in NY. Options so far include robbing a bank and starting a protection racket among businesses.

Any thoughts of what people would like to do in this path? (I can’t promise I’ll implement everything, but if we can get some ideas I might then run them through a poll, and see which ones people like the most)


I’m gonna go with the most obvious thing I can think of.

Conquering New York or at least destroying a majority of the city.


I guess i would plant a “bomb” (or is it? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:) at a landmark to announce my villian self. Of course you could also make the NYPD go nuts with series of vandalisms at historical marks. I want to say that we could also work with a lone villian or a mafia boss just so for money or favors

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Hero Hunting. I mean you already added the “I’m in the mood to fight” responses. So why not hero hunt? I dig that. :man_shrugging:


Taking over the city , getting evil henchmen or creating evil robots, making weapons of mass destruction, Making a team of super villains would be nice, creating new weapons or armor for you and your henchmen, also maybe creating a fortress where you could keep your toys or upgrade your apartment with some killer security features, Also maybe trying to corrupt the police force or even trying to kill public figures to send a message to the city or just for fun, also maybe freeing some criminals from prison , Also if we happen to have an archenemy in the villain play through maybe trying to find the hero’s secret identity’s so we could black mail them or even destroy there love ones. Definitely hero hunting would be fun, am trying to make my character’s personality like the jokers so this would definitely be something that he would try to do corrupt other heroes, also maybe taking revenge on your old boss or destroying the company that you work for. Become a kingpin by taking control of the black market in New York and lmaybe finding a way to neutralize the other heroes and villains powers some what like how Batman makes weapons to kill any member of the justic league just in case they go evil and last but not least if your character is super smart he could try to find a way to take other heroes powers so they could bost his own stats like how the vampire is able to do it. Feel free to use any ideas you like am just throwing some out there


Make hybrid monsters in a secret labratory!


Here’s a few ways based off the reason you became a villain:

“A corporation killed my father. I will bring down the capitalist system.”

  • The Anti-Villian: While not an inherent villain, your family suffered due to greed and corruption and you will stop at nothing to ensure that never happens again. The only problem is that many others are connected to this system and will do what it takes to keep you from achieving your goal.

Your endgame is to completely destroy the current system of governance, choosing either to install a newer, more fair one, or letting someone else fill the vacuum.

Examples would include killing all wealthy business tycoons, working together with heroes to stop bad things that corrupt corporations do, as well as forcing the government to abolish capitalism entirely.

“My father was gunned down by the police.”

  • Dark Avenger: The inverse of a “vigilante”, you seek out specifically to take revenge on all those that “abuse” authority. Be it from random cops, to superheroes, to even political leaders, you’ll kill them all.

Your endgame is to show the world that the authority figures are nothing but certified killers and that you won’t stand for it, killing anyone that stands in your way.

Examples of this would include, either solo or as part of a gang, seeking and destroying any police you come across. Eventually, you would seek heroes and would kill them as well. Finally, you would find and destroy elected officials as they essentially fill that same role.

“There are so many people I hold a grudge against. Former bosses, teachers… they’ll come to fear my name!”

  • World Burner: You and fueled and focus solely on one thing, and one thing only. Revenge. First it was on the people that wronged you, then it was those that stood by. Eventually it has become revenge on a society that allows such a world. You kill without hesitation or remorse.

Your endgame is to destroy anyone and everyone, regardless of who they are. To you, they are all guilty of making you suffer and should be punished as such.

Examples would include progressively moving from those specifically that hurt you, all the way to trying to kill cities and countries.

“I was bullied throughout my life by different people. The whole society will pay for that!”

  • Hero Killer: You focus on taking your anger and frustration out on others to prove you are better. While this started out as taking advantage of weaker normal people, you now get sole enjoyment from defeating superheroes.

Your endgame is to be regarded as the greatest super powered person alive and have no qualms killing to see it done.

Examples would include specifically targeting civilian locations to force heroes to save you, making a name for yourself by killing all super beings, good or bad, or creating a tournament challenging all the supers, swearing to destroy millions if you win.

“I just love money. The more, the better.”

  • Tycoon: You focus on acquiring, essentially, all the money in the world no matter what it takes. To do so, you will rob banks, casinos, and even other wealthy people. You are even open to selling your services to other countries for wealth.

Your endgame is to become the richest person in the world by whatever means you have.

Examples would be to become a mercenary/assassin for other villains and countries, robbing banks and casinos, or establishing a criminal underworld.

“I’m in this for power. The world will eventually bend to my will!”

  • The New King: You focus on collecting the meteorite stones, similar to what SA was doing. From there, you will either create your own super powered underlings or make yourself a literal god, before establishing a new world, killing anyone that opposes you.

Your endgame would be to cultivate and exert your power on anyone you go up against until you’ve taken over the world.

Examples would be gathering all the meteorites to get stronger as well as multiple powers, creating an army of superpowered subjects, or having an all encompassing criminal underworld where you are the defacto leader.

“The world is chaotic. I’ll bring peace and prosperity, by governing it.”

  • The Emperor: You focus specifically on accumulating either literal or political power so that you will become the ruler of the world. From there, you can either truly seek to bring order to the world, creating a Nazi-esque regime, or as an excuse to be a regular overlord that sits on the seat of power.

Your endgame would be to take unilateral control over the world by toppling all major governments and installing yourself as the supreme leader.

Different examples would be recruiting various villains and heroes to work on your behalf, leveraging your [career] to climb the ranks before getting into the political sector, outright acquiring an army to topple the US and existing governments, or manipulating the common people to rally behind you and pressuring the world leaders to give you power.

“My powers allow me to be free. I do whatever I want.”

  • Agent of chaos: You focus on getting more powerful and living your life. You have the option to kill anyone or take anything you want but essentially keep to yourself. Your biggest issue is that all the other governments and superheroes don’t like your autonomy and try to either recruit, detain, or kill you.

This villain end game could be killing all the superheroes and making it clear to [the President] that you will do whatever you want and won’t be bothered anymore.

Different game examples could be “collecting” romance options to make a harem, becoming a millionaire (+) with the nicest home(s), expanding your powers even by testing them on people, or all of the above.

This is just a general consideration for how to implement character motivations into their actions while being a villain.


I love the Agent of Chaos…add that please


I really like the idea that we could kidnapped a superhero’s loved one.


I hate helping the police for free, especially given how small-time the first task is. Give me an option to charge them, in money or favors. Then, if I do a job and they don’t pay, let me “collect.”

Also, can I refuse to go on police calls for selfish reasons? The first one seems a great example.

Lastly, after finding out my char could use some more money, I expected to see a choice in the future about a way to get some. Was a bit disappointed there.


If i am a villain i want to conquer and ruler the world.

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I like the idea of a superpowered person charging in money, bit that would often make them a consultant (instead of a hero) but not really a villain either. There’d have to be a really good reason why the police don’t pay up though, as that would seem out of character otherwise. Something like the mc turning up when they are despirate for their help, demanding something outlandishly unreasonable and then refusing to become involved (or even threatening to switch sides) until they do, and an agreement is made without going through the proper channels, or the police start to consider the mc as a potential menace in their own right. (Especially if they’re threatening to switch sides.)

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Wilson Fisk knock off for me or I guess the Hood would be better.

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I tried to pm you about maybad expanding more on the different roles the villian ,superhero ,viliante should have different options to go im depth with also i would love to try the private thread