Birth of a Superhero... or Villain? (Poll on personality system #912)


Mmmmm but there is already the possibility of choosing the difficulty level, which will give you an insane amount of powers right?


Cheat Menu is unnecessary

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I personally think the game is fine without a cheat menu, but I suppose one way something like that could work would be that it allows you to have powers you normally wouldn’t be able to get – so if you choose water-based powers, the cheat menu could let you have metallic skin or attack with lightning – but in return for choosing that power, you have to give up one you already have.

You could also have it locked for certain difficulties – so anything lower than normal wouldn’t be able to use the cheat menu. :thinking:


Mmmmm but some people complain that there are too many powers and that it is almost impossible to choose… if I do that, won’t it be completely overwhelming?

Otherwise, just posted a small update, for those in the private threads (basically extends the path for those staying/returning to NY…)


I always considered the “overwhelming” aspect to be part of using a cheat menu. :thinking: So one may cheat to get overwhelming gold, or relationship points, or abilities that you normally couldn’t obtain… And it’s not like the cheat menu is part of the game normally, so even if someone does think there are too many powers they aren’t forced to use the cheat menu. A simple warning for how using the cheat menu can make you lost in the list of powers could work as well. :yum:

But like I said, I think the game is fine without a cheat menu, and I personally wouldn’t use it.


Yaaaaa but think. about it a god like being Like We. Could. Be. Like. Doomsday. From DC


Sorry, but I think I will probably not implement it, as I think it might end up breaking the game in ways I cannot foresee (like powers colliding etc, for a type of play that is probably not so suited to most players… in super-easy mode the MC should walk through the game anyway).

New update is up for those in private threads… current wordcount is approaching 240,000, with playthroughs of almost 36,000 words. There are a couple of new powers (resistance to fire, wings, etc). The game is almost finished (minus epilogues) in 2/3 threads, with the third thread also almost nearing completion (the final fight is half coded now, though there are some problems with it I need to finish tomorrow).


hell yeah just waiting to be with steel aeronaut

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Because I’m interested in this story. I’m invested in getting into the “meat & potatoes” so to speak.

My main issue right out of the gate that I’m not sure if you’ve considered is increasing the “hero points” per difficulty. Sure, if you want to feel like a monster, playing at super duper easy is viable. However playing at “Normal” difficulty is pretty tough if you aren’t a certain character type. I played as a Telepath and couldn’t manage to do anything in the game other than get smashed countlessly. This was a very basic telepath who could read and control minds as well as enter dreams. But his psyche and all other stats were so low that, outside of regular people, he would get ragdolled constantly.

Consider raising the number of points by an extra 50-70 (at least in the normal difficulty) so that there is a fighting chance for characters that don’t opt for super strength and the like. That or consider lowering some of the cost for telepathic abilities.

Again, it was a bit annoying since it was immediately made clear that I couldn’t play this on anything other than easy or super easy to find it enjoyable.


Awwww :frowning:

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A fairly significant update for those in the private threads, which now include the possibility to RO Tidal Bore. The sequence is fairly complicated, so please let me know if you find any bugs or something doesn’t make sense (as it is probably a bug…). The other RO sequences will hopefully be coded in the next few days (as per the earlier poll, which helped a lot, thanks to all those who voted!)

@ChristandJackel… this is obviously a balancing thing. Couldn’t you win any fight at all? I normal difficulty I expect players to probably lose half of the fights or so… I mean it would have been possible also not to choose the enter dreams power, and boost psyche? But, maybe this deserves a poll…

To do list
-Place all powers chosen in the power choosing page, add possibility to clear and choose again. Add a number of pre-determined super-heroes (wolverine-type, etc)
-Add some more 5 point or 15 point “small powers” (thanks @Sempurus, post #409. For example, "I can identify enemy weak points (fighting +15), thanks Blank).
-Add possibility of port official trying to run away (fly, teleportation, water breathing to catch him, weapons dealer has a mercenary to fight). Possibility to turn them in.
-Add option for MC to invent a gadget? (high engineering and intelligence) High Frequency Blades, Railguns or Gauss rifles, sprays to stun,
-More choices of professions (student, scientist?). On the 4th day there should be difference (engineer called away to building, student going to lecture). Thanks @GenecoInheritor
-billards bar and extra side stories, Possible human genome storyline? (post #431)
-Have co-worker have a birthday party? (post #470)
-Change the definition of the MC (san-kyu, ni-kyu, depending on the number of hero points)
-Dream between co-worker and secretary, make them break up?
-Side mission to properly romance the date from the masquerade. -Possibility to romance boss/Emily?
-Add side missions for villains
-Add engineering/biology checks to lower HP of enemies (aside from existing checks?)
-Drag in Mongolia part of the game. Should try to improve things there.
-Add extra options to read the mind of characters (under-developed power).
-Possibility of fight in Nepal route (needs some more work)


There is this issue of balancing and what could be considered the normal difficulty in the game. For those that have played, what do you think should be the normal difficulty setting in the game?

  • 400 hero points (currently very easy difficulty)
  • 350 hero points
  • 300 hero points (currently easy difficulty)
  • 250 hero points
  • 200 hero points (as it currently stands)
  • 150 hero points (currently hard difficulty)
  • 100 hero points (currently very hard difficulty)
  • 50 hero points (currently impossible difficulty)

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I would agree. Very much a balancing thing. However the game very much punished telepaths on Normal mode or higher

I was able to win the altercation against the low level homeless roach guy and that was almost solely due to me being a persuasive villain.

Immediately facing against Steel destroyed me. I tried controlling her but my “psyche” was too low so she instantly resisted and then laser shot me. Considering that was her “unprepared” it didn’t get easier. I couldn’t influence her dreams and only seemed to be able to do anything with non meta humans… which isn’t good play wise

Sure, but considering none of the stats are given a proper seriousness, i didn’t realize until too late that entering dreams was utterly useless in the current version of the game.

I’m curious if it ever is useful later on since in the super easy mode, i constantly entered Steel’s dreams and it didn’t matter when we faced each other. To be clear, her stat was almost completely filled and every time i told her i was also a villain and we should team up, she thought i was lying or brushed me off.


Thanks for all those who voted, it really helped!

So… I made an average of all answers, which came to 304 points… so I will call that 300, and re-adjust.
However, I’m also going to tinker with the cost of some of the upper end powers, to make them more expensive (to compensate). I.e. it will still be the same to get a small increase in strength or psyche, but the bigger increases will cost more hero points than before (so that there is still a meaning for the easier difficulty levels…)


Ok, so the game has now been changed. To compensate for the extra points, some of the more expensive powers have been made even more expensive, though this should not affect a basic telepath, and you should now have enough points to boost your psyche? Let me know if this works for you now.

Regarding the fight… any suggestion of how a telepath’s powers could be used to influence the fight? I can code in extra options for some fights, if you give me some ideas…


Hijacking someone’s perception, heightening an enemy’s senses until it’s too much. I’m guessing mind control is a no no because it would leave the MC’s body vulnerable?


The telepath power could send fragments of images into the opponent’s mind, slowlyworming in with rather useless visual information and distracting them long enough.


I think a telepath learning important info could be useful too. When walking by people, sometimes things out their mind might coincidentally slip out that could be useful to the player. There’s a lot of ways to buff the telepath.

Right now I feel like we’re all Jean Grey and faint after one attack lol


Maybe when facing a group of enemies mind control one or two of them into attacking/killing and or maiming each other. Or maybe Psychic-assisted Suicide.

If you’re talking about mind transferal like in Fallen Hero, then yes the MC’s body would be in danger but, that’s not the only way to mind control. Your body doesn’t always have to be vulnerable, plenty of Superheroes/ Villains can still Mind Control someone and not have to transfer their conscience.


Thanks for that, by the way. There’s a few ways though it depends on which fight.

During the first match against the homeless guy:

  • Emotion Control to make him enraged and confused (Good for physical telepaths)

  • Manipulate the cop chief to bring in cops to help take him down (anti hero telepath)

  • After “securing” the homeless guy, have a way to allow him to escape. This could be using mind control on a cop to let him escape or mentally manipulating the chief to let him go (Villain route: i was a bit frustrated that this wasn’t a viable method in the earlier version)

During the first fight with Steel

  • Have a way to mind control the cops to help you

  • Mentally get her to trust you, atleast to the point where she doesn’t shoot you (Empath power)

  • Telepathic complete control to have her shoot herself. It wouldn’t be fatal and there could be a way for her to have “just enough” resistance to try and escape

  • Use empath powers to make her afraid of you

Round 2 with Steel

  • More mental demand for backup (at this point, if people keep dying from this you could lower Chief stats)

  • MAKE HER TRUST YOU (seriously, this was my biggest pet peeve since i was a villain as well and she even never considered that we could team up)

  • Overpower her mental blocks (only if you are on the higher end of the psyche tier)

Gala meeting

  • Overcome her new blocks (only possible with the superhuman psyche

  • Influence the crowd to charge her (only possible with superhuman psyche)

Additional Telepath uses

  • Use dream entering to lay mind triggers in people (would effectively be mind control or empathy control later on select person. Only one at a time and only one command. Each subsequent time requires higher level of psyche to achieve on same person)

  • More uses of reading people’s minds, especially in combat to improve fighting stat

  • using telepathy to improve relationship with others

  • use empathy more to make ROs more into you

New Telepathy options

  • Mental connection: allows you to link with a person and see what they see and hear their thoughts as long as the connection is maintained. Is dangerous as it is 2-way and they may be able to find your identity by hearing your thoughts ( higher psyche = more clear the connection for you ) [think Harry/Voldemort connection]

  • Illusionist: have others see things that aren’t there. This can be convince Emily she already has the briefing she’s hounding you for, Steel believing she has the meteorite, or the chief believing the homeless roach is captured. It can also be used offensively by making the person think there are more people around at the time, the mc is more threatening than they are, or that they are facing them when in fact they aren’t. (Higher psyche = more real looking illusions and more people affected)

These are just a few off the top of my head. Hope this helps :grinning: