Birth of a Superhero... or Villain? (Poll on personality system #912)


Thanks, corrected it! (and added you to the private thread)


New version is up, with expanded dialogue with Jenny. Also, new artwork is up! (hope you like it!)


I just made a small promotional mini-video while waiting for my next flight (cannot seem to post it here, so I placed it on my facebook page).

Otherwise I finally made some progress today on one of the paths in the game. Who knows, despite it being a night flight I might even manage to make some more progress!


Cools :grin: Can I make a suggestion? Maybe add some royalty free music (or put the video on YouTube and add one of their tracks) to make it more epic :slight_smile:

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Mmmm yes, could be… how do i get some royalty free music?


If you don’t mind hosting on YouTube, they have a decent selection built in. I found music/sound for the let’s play and pawprints on freesound but not sure that’ll really have what you need for something like this. Wikimedia has some music from memory also. Might need some searching unless someone else is aware of a good free music site?

Edit: Try here, I think it looks like you can download and use many of them either as cc0 or cc by attribution depending on the licence
Edit2- actually I think that might only be for YouTube hosted videos now that I read it again.


Mmmmm yes maybe i would have to pay for a soundtrack… not sure I quite want to go there yet, as I was just playing around with things…


I just uploaded a fairly big update, for those in the private threads. The game is now ~224,000 words long, with playthroughs of >35,000.

The “supergroup” part of the game is now “finished”, though the epilogue for that part is not coded yet. Anyway, somehow I wanted to post it today, as I fear I’m running out of steam again.

Note that I haven’t made much progress on comments made on private threads (sorry for that, hopefully will get to them soon).


New public and private threads updated. The half-finished side-mission with Tidal bore is complete, together with the big mid-game dilemma accompany Tidal Bore, go and meet the Steel Aeronaut, go to rob a bank, or do nothing . This then branches the game in several directions, though some of them then branch back. Two of these branches supergroup and Steel Aeronaut are finished, with each of them being able to be run in superhero or villain mode During the next few weeks I will work on the third main branch, involving staying in NY…


To do list
-Place all powers chosen in the power choosing page, add possibility to clear and choose again. Add a number of pre-determined super-heroes (wolverine-type, etc)
-Add some more 5 point or 15 point “small powers” (thanks @Sempurus, post #409. For example, "I can identify enemy weak points (fighting +15), thanks Blank).
-Add possibility of port official trying to run away (fly, teleportation, water breathing to catch him, weapons dealer has a mercenary to fight). Possibility to turn them in.
-Add option for MC to invent a gadget? (high engineering and intelligence) High Frequency Blades, Railguns or Gauss rifles, sprays to stun,
-More choices of professions (student, scientist?). On the 4th day there should be difference (engineer called away to building, student going to lecture). Thanks @GenecoInheritor
-Possibility to romance boss/Emily? to have a base? Romance Catalina?
-billards bar and extra side stories, Possible human genome storyline? (post #431)
-Have co-worker have a birthday party? (post #470)
-Change the definition of the MC (san-kyu, ni-kyu, depending on the number of hero points that they have)
-Dream between co-worker and secretary, make them break up?
-Side mission to properly romance the date from the masquerade
-Add side missions for villains
-Add engineering/biology checks to lower HP of enemies (aside from existing checks?)
-Drag in Mongolia part of the game. Should try to improve things there.
-Add extra options to read the mind of characters (under-developed power).
-Possibility of fight in Nepal route (needs some more work)


wait the autor of this is the same of tokyo wizard i love this * ^ *


Thanks! Tokyo Wizard was my first game (well, I collaborated on a couple of others). I also wrote Highway Wars…


for gadgets, i honestly believe a graple gun is the only thing you need as its basically a swiss army knife of a gadget it could be used in virtualy every suituation even as a ranged and melee weapon, unless you wanted to add stuff like armor, smoke bombs, explosives, etc.

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i was going to romance jen but steel aeronaut hit my hearth

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Of the available RO so far, which do you think is the most interesting?

  • Steel Aeronaut
  • Tidal Bore
  • Captain Villardi
  • Carol (colleague)
  • John (colleague)
  • Jenny (colleague)
  • Beltrand (fight instructor)
  • Jen (weapons seller)
  • James (weapons seller)
  • Emily (boss, not sure yet)
  • Antagonist at work (not sure yet)
  • Secretary (not sure yet)

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I have just realised that I have too many of them starting with the letter J (apparently not a good idea when writing… any thoughts of what I could change the names of the colleagues or weapons sellers to? Any strong requests for any others to be RO?


Just picking out a Power is struggle for me Cthulhu have mercy.

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Some name suggestions

Male names


Female names


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I love villains, if they’re not just stupid or assholes

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The villains will always be the most interesting ROs to me.
I mean, why are they doing it? For power? Power is just a means to an end. I just want to dig up their past and learn from there.


Add a cheat menu !!! Just for fun