Birth of a Superhero... or Villain? (Poll on personality system #912)


@obieblu -Not sure I want to code a fight between the office villain and the secretary. If other people think this would be fun I can do it, though it seems most readers don’t seem to care much about what happens in the office? (sorry, I’m happy to accommodate requests, as you may have seen from private thread, but if they are too peripheral…)
-Will try to make a new mission to be able to RO the date from the masquerade (good thinking!)
@Marcos_Brites, I fear that allowing that mission would result in many readers thinking that it doesn’t fit in. My hope is to eventually have new story arcs and side missions specifically for villains, to compensate this option not existing anymore…

To do list
-Place all powers chosen in the power choosing page, add possibility to clear and choose again. Add a number of pre-determined super-heroes (wolverine-type, etc)
-Add some more 5 point or 15 point “small powers” (thanks @Sempurus, post #409. For example, "I can identify enemy weak points (fighting +15), thanks Blank).
-Add possibility of port official trying to run away (fly, teleportation, water breathing to catch him, weapons dealer has a mercenary to fight). Possibility to turn them in.
-Add option for MC to invent a gadget? (high engineering and intelligence) High Frequency Blades, Railguns or Gauss rifles, sprays to stun,
-More choices of professions (student, scientist?). On the 4th day there should be difference (engineer called away to building, student going to lecture). Thanks @GenecoInheritor
-Re-write some of the dialogues for co-workers, to add flavour (a frequent complaint, so I need to work on this!). More interaction with them.
-Possibility to romance boss/Emily? to have a base?
-Mr Watson chapter part II and III (romance Catalina?), sidekicks billards bar (total 5 extra)
-Possible human genome storyline? (post #431)
-Have co-worker have a birthday party? (post #470)
-Change the definition of the MC (san-kyu, ni-kyu, depending on the number of hero points that they have)
-Dream between co-worker and secretary, make them break up?
-Side mission to properly romance the date from the masquerade
-Add side missions for villains
-Add engineering/biology checks to lower HP of enemies (aside from existing checks?)



New version uploaded in public and private threads, including all changes detailed up to now in last pages in respective threads.

Completed just now:
-Added possibility to steal from work colleagues in villain path (without pours, or using invisibility, telepathy or superspeed).
-Implemented fear mechanic for SA, who will complain that they see you in dreams (this lowers her fighting, marksmanship and agility)



@adrao Are we able to use the mind control power on our boss to give us a promotion/raise in the villain route?

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The problem is that the mind control power assumes that once you release the person, they remember what they did. So, they could easily reverse that decision… so, I’m assuming that the MC would refrain from influencing decisions that could easily be reversed. If the MC tried to use the power in this way, the boss would feel confused/taken advantage of, in rather confusing ways that would make the story too complicated?

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I always imagined this power as that of Karma of the new mutants… who after releasing them normally know what they have done?

(I guess I was always a big fan of the new mutants, though most of their characters might be a bit more obscure nowadays… )



The game is good so far, but there are a few issues.


When affected by the rock for the first time, I choose Time-based powers, but it gives my character Photographic memory for some reason.
There is a picture of a human in that scene, but a player can imagine a character with completely different appearance. Maybe it would be better to move that picture somethere else.
During appearance customisation, I selected different options for closing, hair, eyes, but not other things, like tatoos. So there is Other: , in the menu. Maybe it shouldn’t appear if a player doesn’t choose anything in “Other” catagory?
There are a few missing , like here:

The captain looks at you inquisitively, and nods. "I will take your words into account when writing the report. Sometimes people make mistakes, and this does not mean that they are necessarily bad.

It shakes its head, as if indicating you had done something wrong, "Be careful with the use of your powers, Mystic Defender. Then, it vanishes, leaving you wondering about whether you had imagined the entire thing.

When remembering athe first kiss at school, there are several people to kiss and “Actually, I didn’t kiss anybody. I’m not really that emotionally attracted to people in general.”
What if the main character didn’t kiss anyone at school, but isn’t asexual or aromantic? We don’t know much about these kissable characters, and the MC may be attracted to people, but shy.
I think there is something like “Eventually, tiredness eventually overcomes you.” That’s 2 “eventually”.
Why does John say "G’Day!.” with !. at the end?
After sending the patent you can say “I just sent it”, better “I have just sent it”.
The MC patrolled the streets for the first time in civilian clothes to avoid attracting attention, but the shop attendant calls my character by her superhero name after defeating a robber.

Good luck making the game!

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I hadn’t been checking in for o while but your progress is amazing I can’t wait to see the finished game



Sorry to all those I have not answered in private or public threads, so much work at the moment that I’ve had to pause for a bit. However, I have a long haul flight later today, where I am hoping to make some progress on the main story (though I probably won’t be able to work on the feedback given, as obviously I won’t have internet to check things)



The stats appear incredulously unbalanced, for instance, you may presumably accomplish the game without confiding any effort into psyche, yet should your endurance be low, then if you additionally possess no supernatural defensive capabilities, you will be instantaneously defeated by each enemy… At the very least, that was my impression whilst battling the Black Cockroach.

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I agree that things are not so incredibly well balanced. Having said that, psyche plays a really big role with some enemies (did you encounter the creature in the docks?). Black Cockroach doesn’t have to be fought, there are other paths. With SA there is also the possibility of easily overcoming the first encounter. However, if you want to fight, and have no endurance, armour or some sort, or incredibly high agility, then obviously you are going to suffer… but, isn’t that normal? Shouldn’t it be logical for many characters to make some investment on endurance, or other ways of overcoming this. Note that I was trying (on purpose) to make a game where the MC cannot easily defeat all adversaries (at least on normal and above difficulty, but I am including easier difficulties to compensate for those that don’t want to get involved on the game mechanics…)



Well, in my experience there’s simply very little you can actually do with just the 200 points you receive at the beginning of the journey… The best setup I was able to make with the Mental powerset was an extremely high psyche combined with mind control powers. And, being that it was the only way for me to bring down any of my foes, I had no other line of defense against the Aeronaut. Quite literally. With my level of endurance, he would defeat me by a singular strike. I suppose there’s more to the intricacies of being a METAhuman than I previously thought.

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In the first fight, it is possible to destroy the laser gun if you have a ranged weapon. The box next to your bedroom can have a gun, if you select that option. This would allow you to make the SA flee. You cannot win, but it won’t continue fighting . Anyway, I have also added to hide from it in the room (added a description that there are steel cabinets), and another possibility to still try to protect yourself from damage. So, that means it is possible to survive until the police arrives. I guess this fight is slightly unfair, as the MC still hasn’t had the option to do much, and there is not much you can do but fight…

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By the way, I’ve invited all those that gave recent feedback to private beta. Note that that thread gets updated more frequently than the previous one, but any new stuff is still not on (working on some stuff now).



Oh, I referred to the second fight. During the first one, I took control of his(?) mind. Nevertheless, he adapted his armor to resist my only ability.

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Still, sorry for the many messages I haven’t replied to. For the next 2 weeks or so all updates will probably focus on new content, rather than addressing feedback from reviewers (in public or private threads, as always, thanks so much for all the feedback, just sometimes I have to also work on moving the different threads forwards).

Anyway, I just uploaded a new version for those on the private thread, which now includes the fight with Shiroi Yuki for those on the “evil” Aeronaut path. Did anybody manage to defeat her? (in what difficulty mode?) It is meant to be a very challenging fight…

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How difficult is the fight supposed to be

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I would expect it to be very difficult in normal difficulty mode…



Good game hope you continue to develop it

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Tiny update, only 500 words more (after almost 3 weeks of not being able to work on this). There is now the description of Captain Harris, for those on the private beta testing. Total word count for the game is now 191,000, hopefully I can extend several of the main branches in the next week, and finish one of them…



Can I still beta test?

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