Birth of a Superhero... or Villain? (Poll on personality system #912)


No problem :+1:


i like this as long as i get the choice to either kill or ignore the defeated hero since i like the thought of being so powerful i don’t even need to be bothered to kill the superheroes or at least give off that vibe.

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Yes, exactly! It’d be pretty cool for the heroes to understand just how low they are in comparison. Very cool


Hi! I played the demo, and I have a few suggestions, mostly story-wise:

  • So, let’s talk about the mother. She appears out of nowhere, she says she is sick and that she needs money. This could be a really emotional plot, but when it first appearead I only thought “Oh, a poor way to suck the MC’s money and make the game harder”. The problem is that she only appears when she is in need, but outside of that we can’t talk to her, visit her (She is sick, so this is a reasonable think to do, maybe even a way to rekindle the relationship if the MC didn’t have a good relationship with her before), we don’t know anything about her. I think this part definetly need more work
  • The romance. Now, i only did 2 romance, the one with Carol and with the Captain. About Carol, maybe I did something wrong but even if invited her as a date to the gala there was no romantic interaction. And a problem I have with the characters is when you can ask question to them… it doesn’t look like a conversation but more like an interrogation. It’s hard have good dialogues with all the possible romance there are (and here are many) but it still need more work to make it better.
    About the captain… well, I think it moved too fast the romance. I mean, one mission with her, and BUM kiss and, more absurd (to me) reveal our identity?! I think it should be more slow, and make it a choice if reveal our identity right away.
    I saw we can romance Steel aeronaut. I like the option, but not how it’s possible. We have to say we don’t care about what she does, that it would suit a supervillain but not a superhero. It would be nice to have a relationship like Batman and Catwoman, the MC can like her without approving her actions. Last thing about the romance, and dialogue in general. There is no option to have a shy MC, basically or you are rude or kind, there is no place for shyness. I would like it, and maybe even make that some romance do the first move (maybe we choose who romance not just with the flirt option, but like for a shy MC thinking “Ah! I Like Carol why doesn’t she ask me as a date” it’s the way to “Choose” to romance Carol, (I hope I was clear in my explanation)).
    That’s everything, I gave suggestion about the story and characters because it’s what I think it’s most important. Of coure I know you can’t take all the suggestions, but I hope I helped a bit. I would love to be invited to the private thread, if it’s still possible. Anyway, the superhero part of the game was great! And please keep the difficulty choices even for when you’ll release the game, it’s a lifesaver for who want to just enjoy the story! Thanks for the demo and good work!

i also think that the agent of chaos might blend in to the anti-hero category depending on choice since if your main drive is to do whatever you want well then do whatever you want good or evil or maybe somewhere in the middle, (that lady is getting mugged. wanna help here? yes? well go right on ahead, do you wanna kill the mugger? yes? well do it, ait nobody gonna stop you and if they try to punish or detain you well to bad cuz that ait gonna happen.)

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I’m sorry I haven’t replied for a bit… development stalled while I was on my last trip, and I came down with a bad cold on my way back. I’ve finally recovered and have started work on the game again. Hopefully I will be able to make some decent progress during the next week or so, before my next trip.

I know that there are many comments on this and private threads that I haven’t replied to. I’ve re-read all recent comments again, and keep turning things in my head (thanks for all the inspiration). I now have an idea for the next chapter of the “evil” path, which I will hopefully code in the next day or two.

The update today is not so big, just adding a few thousand words (first conversation with your mum, earlier than the previous appearance to give more sense of development to that interaction). Also, introduced the choice to recruit minions…


… right. Not too big at all, lol


Continuing the discussion from Birth of a Superhero… or Villain? (What would you like to do in supervillain path? Brainstorming now open!):

I was not sure if i should post it since the the topic was closed but i found some things that need correction.
The first one was this i don’t know if it was intentional :- On page 4 of the newspaper there is an interview with captain Villardi. The captain emphasizes that she doesn’t like you much, as she feels you are no more than a vigilante.Even though i have a relationship of 89.
The second one is while reading the news the prospect of war between Egypt and Somalia over the construction of a dam. Apparently, Egypt feels this could threaten its water supply, and is threatening an aerial strike against the dam.
The nile doesn’t reach somalia so they can’t go to war over the construction of a dam and i believe egypt is fighting with ethiopia over blue nile dam.
That’s about it love the story can’t wait to read it all.


Sorry for the confusion, the topic is not closed! (just, I was apologizing for the lack of progress despite all the wonderful feedback that I got, and how I am still turning this in my head… any new thoughts and comments are always welcome!) I am in the “final phase” of the main game writing (already 258,000 words long…), which I was hoping to finish by the end of March or so (wishful thinking…)

Ah, yes, something must have cross-wired in my brain when I wrote this, but you are right, I was referring to Ethiopia and the threat of war from Egypt about the building of those dams.

Captain Villardi is mostly focused on your vigilante parameter, but I realised that there is a possibility that she might really like you as a person, but hate you for being a vigilante. So, I added an extra nuance to the range of possible replies on the newspaper interview (thanks!)


And another small update, moving the Non-Aeronaut villain path slightly forward, and introducing some more background info about the main hero in the city (so that he doesnt just appear out of the blue later…)


Yet another updates, moving the last path of the game forward a bit, though the scenes at the end of that path are a bit disconnected and need more work. I also added extra dialogue options for Carol, John and Jenny… overall about 5000 words extra (current game is 267k, with average playthroughs of 37,000). I’m now guessing the final game may well exceed 300k…


Found a grammar when carol eating lunch it says his not her food

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It’s still the 11th xd


Hey, just got this error.

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I got the error above as well.

Wouldn’t this be a protective aura?

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If you are talking about the spelling, armour, that is the British spelling of armor.

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I didn’t know that, but I actually wasn’t talking about the spelling, though I did type it in Google to see if it was spelled wrong. I was questioning if aura might be a better description since (the way I read it) it isn’t something he is actually wearing more like emitting. I believe it is even stated that it is a glow around his body. This made me think aura, not armour or even armor.


It was actually a good suggestion, so the private version of the game has already been changed to aura! (changes in the public version take longer to reflect, as I make changes to it less often these days).

But yes, indeed there is also a difference in spelling (armour, British, armor, USA). I’m from the UK, though it seems CoG requires american spelling, so I’m slowly converting the game to that…

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I don’t think that should be a requirement (there was at least one British word in Superlatives 2 when I beta tested it, maybe I should have reported that.), but using America “English” for a book about a hero in New York is probably a good idea.


Just uploaded another update, for those on the private thread. Main additions are for the “evil” path staying in New York (the last major path, still not finished but getting there!).

The game is now 270k long, with 36,000 long playthroughs… still quite a lot to do to finish the game, but somehow today I’m starting to get the feeling that it could be over soon!