Birth of a Superhero... or Villain? (poll about workplace characters)



Fair points! Though not sure about awkwardness, I already have aggressive (intimidating could be part of that), not sure about unagreeable… any other ideas?

Would intimidating be better than aggressive? (should I change that too?)

And, post #400!! This appears to have been by far the most popular of my WIPs… thanks to everybody for the feedback so far! :slight_smile:


@adrao Your game so far is great. Even if you leave some things as is, it would still be great if you ask me. Just thought of adding my lil feedback. :grin:

I don’t know which would be better tho. Intimidating could also mean that the MC has a demanding presence. Villains tremble and quake by fear and Heroes and Citizens feel safe and respect. (Batman {again!!!} makes the villains pee their pants at his mere sight, citizens feel safe if not a little fear themselves and heroes can’t help themselves and feel respect for him.) Spoilers… I am a Batfan… :sweat_smile:
Again tho, that was for the fact if you use the stat Charismatic with the intention of persuasion and sweet talking.
For the love of me… :anguished: I just noticed the status bar with the aggressive and peaceful!!! I mean I had seen it but as I told you about the typos and my attention span… I completely ignored it :flushed:
That stat is perfectly fine… F4ck my life… :rofl:
Although, aggressive and intimidating aren’t the same in this example tho. Aggressive is when the MC resorts to violence more often and he is more brutal on the way he fights crime. Ribs aren’t enough, gotta break every single bone on the guy who stole my candy on Halloween!!! :joy::joy: It’s great the way you have it, like in the very beginning with the Cockroach-man (can’t remember name at the moment) you could either burst into the supermarket breaking everything and start the beating or approach like a rational person and start talking to him, no need to beat someone who just wants to eat something! See? you have it already, no need to change it.

I also feel inclined to apologize if my posts are kind of unreadable sometimes… I have gift in causing blindness and severe migraines with my writing… It’s my superpower. :disappointed::+1:t2:


Have been concentrating on moving the story forward (for those on the private thread, it is now possible to start looking for the Steel Aeronaut, but only on the “evil” path

Otherwise, I added new fight options to most fight. You can now kick opponents (all characters) or attempt to headbutt them (though this last one not in all fights, and in many cases requires the MC to have some sort of armour). Kicking and headbutting do more damage (STR*1.5 and *3, respectively, but require higher fighting ability, or you will get a partial or full failure). However, in most fights you can only try to kick or headbutt once, meaning that there should be some variation in the moves.

I hope that this provides enough possibilities, but if anybody can think of further combat options with existing powers, let me know!


@adrao Hey man! This may sound completely out of nowhere, but have you thought of continuing The Nebula?


Actually, I was coding some more of the Nebula during a flight a few weeks ago. Basically, it is almost “finished” (as in, you can almost arrive at the end of it already). But, going through it again it just doesn’t live up to the standards that I have now set, so I started going through it again, and trying to polish it. So, it is sort of “crawling” along, though 70% of my energy is in Birth of a Hero, 20% in another fantasy world WIP, re-using and expanding the “engine” of Tokyo Wizard, and 10% (or less) on the Nebula… somehow, I dream that they might all be finished around the same time in 2019!


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(I’m back :slight_smile:)


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Just a recommendation, If you pick the intelligence power and a suit of armor, there is an option to be resistant to machine guns. The problem is that it is at a price of 45, where there are not many other abilities that end in 5, so i end up wasting those points. I dont want to tell you what to do (and i dont know if this comes across that way) but I dont know if you plan to add more at a 5 ending value. if not id reccomend making the ability 40 or 50.


Still playing. ive realized that the suit of armor option makes the game refer to it as armored skin, which is a bit weird, at least in the cockroach section


@Blank, @Sempurus, thanks, will correct those for next update!

Otherwise, note that the armour “powers” are not completed, but will take not of these points and correct for next update.


Don’t know if this is a glitch but when I pick certain powers others disappear


Possible powers
Miscellaneous: I can identify enemy weak points (fighting 30+)


I’m not sure if anyone else has said something but in the museum when I chose to teleport to the stone and then outside the museum it said steel astronaut got away with the stone. But when I went back and chose to teleport to the stone and stay inside astronaut did not get the stone.


Also I got the idea that when approached by the reporter after the ball if you have the power to teleport a cool action would be to teleport away and avoid the interview


Nothing to serious just a minor typo, says “sal” instead of salt.


@Kane_Smith_B_In_K_Pa, @VainCorsair, @Sempurus

Thanks for pointing out all those errors, and the suggestions. I have not incorporated these yet into the main or private WIP versions of the game, but will hopefully do so soon.

For those in the private thread, there is a significant update to the game that just went up, taking the story several thousand words forward. Also, there is the possibility of using the hospital to cure, though I didn’t update the public WIP yet (will do so in the coming days, as I want to tweak some things around…)


Could we possibly use our emotional manuplation to make Emily excited to see us at the ballroom party


@adrao Also would it be possible to make that particular event dependent on how the relationship value is? It’s kind of weird to have it over 90% and still have her hate your guts in that particular scene.