Birth of a Superhero... or Villain? (poll about inventor-type hero)



Just added you, and uploaded another small update (only another 1000 words including code, but at least I’m finally getting something done…).

Otherwise, I’m considering dropping the possibility to make a suit as part of the powers. I can see trying to do that would be opening a can of worms, and there are already tons of possibilities to make superheroes with the powers that are already there…


Out of curiosity, how many people would want to have iron-man type superhero?

  • If there is no option to play without being an inventor/suit developer I wouldn’t play the game.
  • My main preference would be to play an inventor/suit developer. But, I can play something else also.
  • Playing a inventor/suit developer would be nice. However, it’s not my main choice of powers.
  • I couldn’t care less about playing an inventor/suit developer. I would never choose to play such a character.
  • The option to play a inventor/suit developer should just not be in the game at all.

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I usually choose the fire or the shadow powers.


I’m more of a fan of having real superpowers usually but I wouldn’t mind playing that type of character


All animal myself king Leo on the prowl


I’d intrinsically like playing one, but I’d want to have a lot of options for fiddling with the armor design and giving super-tech gear to other people that I wouldn’t expect from other power sets.


can i be a beta tester


I would like to beta test as well if you are still adding people that is.


Gadget hero’s are really interesting.


I just completed one beta testing and would like to help if beta testers still needed


Invites sent. I still know I haven’t replied to many people in the private threads, as for some reason my brain wants to move forward the story. HOWEVER, I have read all the comments by various people and are playing around with things in my brain, and will eventually reply to everybody (i.e. what different people write does influence me, I’m just seeing how I can make things work… I have some ideas starting to form).

Otherwise a small update went on this morning to the supergroup branch of the game, working now on the first fight…


The fight scene is too little or too short i think. Its a bit boring fighting scene


Can i be a beta tester


which fight scene do you refer to? or all of them in general? (and, can I ask, which difficulty level are you playing at? If you are playing in super-easy then this should be expected…)


The one with the slug i think, when mc help the woman cop or something. The normal and easy one. Is the different big when playing different difficulty?