Birth of a Superhero... or Villain? (Link new artwork for characters #809)



Totem force beta, you wanted to kill sammy Now Emily is also on the hit list.


Eats Popcorn


I role-playing evil and charismatic characters also have a hatred to all those characters that games try hard to sell me as my friends and colleagues when i found them boring and no sense to be friends with my character at all. Emily is also to proud of herself


Do you in real life slack off at work and then don’t understand why your manager gets on your case?


First Role playing is not real life. Second my character is focused in her career. Still Emily is an ass and with the charisma of burning concrete. In my opinion. You could have yours.


Makes sense. Emily can be overbearing in many ways, but it’ll be hard rping as a villian. Most games force you into the ideal hero role.


In game your character has. Een missing their work because of their career. A journalist like Clark Kent should get a pass if they say they were covering a story. But imagine if you were a manager at say McDonald’s and an order came up but your employee was off doing who knows what. Even bosses have bosses so every time you screw up you give her more stress


Well depending of setting it becomes be a ruthless renegade fame seeking hero. Or a charismatic fame seeking mage or soldier. But if there is a selfish fame seeking choice I will find it


Maybe you can become booster gold


I choose being a lawyer and i focused in the career and did not screwed hard and i solved all the problems perfectly still she is an ass. Like i really don’t want be a hero i was more i want be a lawyer. Still she gives a shit I did my job well. Is all blah blah complaints blah balh more shouting. I am not her psychological help or her bondage fetish slave


You might headcanon your miss perfect but did you deal with black cockroach, steel aeronaut, steel Aeronaut again, etc?

You didn’t? What version of the game were you playing?

So you did you took time off work which means you had unfinished briefs. Which means you were not doing your work. I’m sorry but no matter how perfect your character in your head is you aren’t perfect at work. And she is a woman who worked her way to where she is through abuse and bullying. She fought to the top. And she depends on you . Someone she had higher expectations of to do more than your doing. Once you finish your brief she gives you a raise and praises your hard work. I don’t think you’ve ever had a boss before.


I just want people realize that games are games. And insult people on base opinion of npcs in a game is not acceptable in the forum rules.
Now return topic , I hope that pc could really search for another job or something even if just a flavor choice


So what path is almost finished?


Please remember to keep conversations focused on the game and not on the people posting. Personal sniping is not ok.


Ok, as @Gower pointed out, lets return to a more focused conversation.

@poison_mara, well, I didn’t quite code anything regarding another normal job, though it is possible to quit and do… other stuff. Please let me know how you feel about options already there, and if your character would like to do something else (and I will try to code it in as a “side-quest”… note that the “evil” side-quests are mostly still to be written).

@GenecoInheritor, the paths that are almost finished are the ones where the MC follow the Steel Aeronaut (for either of three possible reasons, which then lead to two different paths “evil” and “good”). Then there will be the “supergroup” path (different for evil and good), and a final path, where the MC decides to stay in New York. Note that some of these paths might eventually merge (too complicated to explain, and dont want to spoil anything, but in my mind it’s a bit more complicated than I explain here). Anyway, have a go at the pursuing the Steel Aeronaut, and let me know what you think! (there probably wont be another significant update until mid-week at the earliest, as I just got home to a storm of work… literally caused by that typhoon yesterday!)


Oh yeah I got all the way to talking with her after agreeing to join her then the game ended. Save system is wonky too


About that, that wasn’t my intention. My question was friendly in nature. If it came off as anything but that, I apologise. [quote=“poison_mara, post:559, topic:31533”]
I just want people realize that games are games

I enjoy your perspective on certain stories and decided to ask that question. Never meant any foul underlying meaning.


It wasn’t directed at you don’t worry you didn’t do anything wrong.


If only the Honey Badger was an option


Sorry I didn’t understand… Can you explain?