Birth of a Superhero... or Villain? (Link new artwork for characters #809)



Is there a way to become a villain?


In a future, the author said he will add a villain path


@GenecoInheritor what do you mean by the Bodega robbery? (the little supermarket?)

@Bloody_Carnage21 yes, as @Kaeyser said, this is partly coded already, though at the moment the MC can only become a baddy towards the middle of the game… I’m hoping to partly re-code so that it can be from the beginning… though at the moment my focus is on advancing the story (somehow I’m in an inspired mood…)


If you need helping or something to think a way to start as evil or villain tell me . You are doing a good job


One thing that I wish we could do is choose which animal our DNA gets merged with.


Yeah you go in it gets robbed you stop the robber “thanks superhero” and the next patrol has the same thing.


I think this is going to end up being the most powers customisable choice game ever :smile:!


It sure looks like it :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: thanks from the kind words, everybody! :slight_smile:

@GenecoInheritor, ok’, I’ll try to check that bug.

@lokidemon007… mmmm the problem is that if I do that then I would have to customise the powers for each animal, which would be a lot of extra work for little benefit? Isn’t it better that each person imagines which animal it is?

@poison_mara, thanks for the offer. I was trying to add you and @Bloody_Carnage21 to the private beta, but somehow I cannot. Not sure if it might have reached a maximum number of people. I’m currently thinking about starting a new beta thread for “villains”, though before I do that I might have to extensively re-code the beginning of the game (to add motivations of why the MC is doing things… like, reasons why he would be turning up to meet the black cockroach, such as “just in the mood for a fight”, of “see if I can also get some cash”, etc). I’ve been playing around with quite a few things like that in my head, though somehow at the moment I’m more motivated on continuing with the story.


Take your time and finish the story I am sure you could get good motivation to an evil character while trying to keeping more of the code as it is to be efficient. Probably doing something like 3 reasons like power hungry and desire of money. A destructive desire of vengeance against someone with power who did a pc a wrong (destroy pc career, killing family etc) And 3 what I call The bloody Idealist, That’s the one that wamts a good thing but use wrong tactics and don’t care about victims in the process.


@adrao Like you said it’s better to let people have the animal in their head and let them take the power link to it since it would be mostly physical change you already have them, like for the Cheetah DNA MC I made once who had enhanced speed, agility and a bit Endurance with the claws and Enhanced Endurance


i liked it.
great story.
really had me wanting more a pitty you wont update the open link of the game cause im intrigued but its your story…
im still excited for the finished product.


Im not sure I I was playing the public version or if it was just so similar. But this time the bodega seemed to be a sandwich shop.

Did you happen to write lost in the pages?


Sorry for the late reply.

For those in the private thread, I still haven’t worked on any of the comments/bug reports there, but will endeavor to do so once I’m back home tomorrow. Otherwise I have been travelling, and I have written and quietly been updating the story. Four “bad” endings have already been coded, and I’m approaching the finish line of two “good” endings on the “main” branch of the game (as I had originally envisioned it, involving either capturing the Steel Aeronaut or RO her -this latest one was added later, at the request of some of you This has already been coded, though not yet finished still need to work on the final fight between MC and Aeronaut, or between MC+Aeronaut and a rival hero

@poison_mara, @Qwtdr I still can’t add any new people to that thread (not sure why), so I might wait a bit and then invite people to a new thread. First, I would need to “tidy” the old thread, as many bugs have been reported (like, I prefer to give you all a cleaner version, rather than having to suffer through things already reported)

@poison_mara, yes, those sound very good! :slight_smile:

@GenecoInheritor yes, two of the chapters in Lost in the Pages were mine… you might have noticed that I partly re-used/re-wrote/adapted one of those here?


Yup I recognized it almost verbatim lol. It was a funny callback.

I understand wanting to romance Steel Aeronaut. Because she’s an ginger freckled Irish dominant nerd girl. She checks ALOT of boxes. . And Emily doesn’t seem romanceable even though we were making out in her dreams.


I think there was no request for Emily to become a RO, so I never developed that any further. Having said that, some people have requested to further expand on some characters, so I will try to do that at some point in the near future.

In the meantime I just uploaded another version to the private thread. Starting the code the last two fights of the first “path” through the game. Somehow, it feels exciting to be nearing the end of one of these! (I can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel, though so much still to do…)


Noone requested Emily? Then then why can she make out with us in our dreams? I mean her happiness is why I put extra effort into my work. Sure I like freckled Irish inventor girl. But Emily’s dreams make her so endearing. You just want to protect her from everything.


I just want to kill her she is sooooo annoying. But there are tastes to everything


Mara…I’m starting to see a pattern here.