Birth of a Superhero... or Villain? (Link new artwork for characters #809)



What’s the best job in Birth of a Superhero?


I think the jobs are more here to give a more realistic feel to how the character have to choose between he’s vigilante persona and his everyday life more than help the reader dealing with villain and crimes


@adrao Okay, maybe my question is stupid but I have more 61 in marksman and 0 in melee however my character has no gun bow or anything… so I found my character only melee options… I have to bought a gun? I have no option anywhere to guns that i ca see. Or I am forced to have a offensive power i don’t like offensive powers. I prefer defense and mental powers + weaponry.


If I remember correctly you have to buy one if you don’t have elemental coated bullets as a power. It’s when you can go buy gear there’s a gun there that you can buy but I’m not sure


I am just beginning but i am being trashedby everyone because i have no single gun? WHO SUPERHERO with no melee and mastery in guns go fight without guns??? Sorry @adrao the game is really good. But is has no sense give me at least a bad gun at beginning. Because if not you are forcing people go melee focused or offensive powers or let me borrow one to police


Yeah you’ve got to have an offensive power to have a gun at the beginning if not a backup stat for the first two fights can help you out


Thanks , then i will let me beat up because i am a gun specialist with no gun at home that has gun books but not real gun. :wink: So in this universe you have to be a super hero with powers to buy a simple gun and bullets? The gun association members are the nee justice league? :smile: that’s actually so bizarre that is fun


Yeah it’s a bit weird in your case but you can at least distract the first villain long enough and the astronaut whatever happen she flee the bank after robbing it


The first i talked down without fight the second gives me a good beating before go go away then i let game :slight_smile: I like a beta months ago


The teleportation doesn’t help you to take her by surprise ? Maybe you also need to have the perk for fighting skill along marksmanship for 60 points for this to work


i have not teleportation i have flying marks is 62 but i have no gun so is useless. I don’t have melee perks as i don’t like melee i have super sight and marksman special. I JUST NEED A DAMN SIMPLE BOW OR A 9MM i am not asking for something fancy. Maybe i have to launch stones? Rubber ducks


If you really don’t have a point in fighting skills it will be hard to win a fight without weapons. But if you want the minimum to win the first fight there’s a perk that give fighting +30 and marksmanship +30 that the lesser trade you have to do. But you can still have more than 60 marksmanship that way


I am a role-player I have a background and reason why character wasn’t a melee fighting. In my case my girl had a physical illness (weak defect)previous the stone that make run or fight impossible so she learn shoot with his father in her wheelchair . So she is a lawyer who loves weapons and very clever for time she was ill in bed she read a lot. So no no melee. I hope adrao just give me a simple weapon even if i have to pay it same i have to pay my flat in first scene


Wow that’s quite a backstory you made I understand more how hard it should be to think of a way to make it work right. Yeah it’s possible it will change later it’s not a trouble most reader didn’t found so maybe that’s why it’s like that for now


Yeah, I think so it is not a normal choices. I was thinking in like clever sniper spy with super vision photo memory sniper power and a good shielding ability and fly so you fly to a good place to snipe from shadows


Yeah and the idea to coat bullet is good, the missing thing is that you can’t have a weapon at the beginning if you don’t have a related power. Maybe your MC could have a strong connection to her gun at a point that despite her condition she could coat bullets with powers if she could have a force field to protect her ? A defensive ability can be used to do damage if you use it well


Yeah, but i have no that choice first combats are melee melee and more melee because i have no weapons. I am about to stole one to a policeman lol :wink: Nah, i suppose @adrao will add something is a wip after all and that is why weare all testing to find issues.


Yeah it will surely be changed in the near future, and it would be great to be able to use a defensive move in an aggressive way to actually hurt or kill


Not uploaded anything yet, but I thought that I needed to really do a reply to everybody (note that there has been many changes, though I will not upload until I can think of a few more special objects that the MC can be attached to…)

@GenecoInheritor, I feel there are already too many power groups? (to include Spirit powers…). Otherwise I corrected the bug letting you drop the lamp twice. Do let me know if you find any more of these bugs! (or have any other suggestions for extra fight options…)
@Blank, I like the suggestion of the S.A. mentioning the apartment, she now comments on how she likes it!
@GenecoInheritor, not sure what you meant by “did the same bodega get robbed twice if you go out on patrol?” (I might have fixed this bug at one point and forgot to reply… theoretically you should only be able to get this scene once…)
@TheDrake, good point, I’ve been playing with this in my head for the last couple of months, and I think it can be done with minor structural changes to the game. It should actually be fun to implement! (and have a wider range of roleplay possibilities…)
@Etherion, you mean for the black cockroach? I feel that this becomes a major part of the story, meeting the captain, etc… if you don’t turn up then the game becomes too unstructured (the problem of having some structure vs free will). I’m making it so that the rest of the game is more free now… but…
@Exeldgamer thanks for the suggestions, I will definitively implement several of them. However, I decided (and have invested already so much time) to create a mechanics system, which some people enjoy (others dont…). There is also a difficulty setting so that people can play as they want… a superman who can win everything in one go, or a superhero that has to struggle through battles. In the easier setting you should be able to win everything in one round… in the harder settings I think it should take longer?
@Jaxx, yes, basically it was what Kaeyser said. I feel that the more interesting aspects of superhero comics is that they often have to deal with real life problems, family members with trouble, issues of discrimination or racism, alcoholism, etc, etc. So, I set to give the MC some troubles (a boss who is annoyed, problems in the family, etc…)
@poison_mara you make a bloody good point, actually. As indicated by others, you can get a weapon early on through superpowers, but it does seems stupid that somebody with 61 marksman has no gun to start with.So, I’m coding another choice at the end of the first chapter to give the character an extra object. Three of these will be weapons… any other thoughts about other objects? (anybody else has some suggestions?)

-Incorporated various bug fixes and grammar suggestions mentioned from around post #470 or so.

To do list
-Add more special objects for the MC (box next to the bed)
-Make changes to the story to allow MC to start of as a vigilante, or not even a hero at all! (I have started to play in my head with how this can actually work)
-Add extra dialogue options (sarcastic option and a cocky nothing can take me down). Also, extra character building for Charlotte etc (thanks @Exeldgamer, post #493)
-Add some more 5 point or 15 point “small powers” (thanks @Sempurus, post #409. For example, "I can identify enemy weak points (fighting +15), thanks Blank).
-Add possibility of port official trying to run away (fly, teleportation, water breathing to catch him, weapons dealer has a mercenary to fight). Possibility to turn them in.
-Add option for MC to invent a gadget? (high engineering and intelligence) High Frequency Blades, Railguns or Gauss rifles, sprays to stun,
-More choices of professions (student, scientist?). On the 4th day there should be difference (engineer called away to building, student going to lecture). Thanks @GenecoInheritor
-Add instances of use of engineering, law and journalism to provide extra info to MC
-Re-write some of the dialogues for co-workers, to add flavour (a frequent complaint, so I need to work on this!). More interaction with them.
-Place all powers chosen in the power choosing page, add possibility to clear and choose again.
-Possibility to eventually romance the boss? Having a base? working for a government organisation?
-Mr Watson chapter part II and III (romance Catalina?), Black cockroach sidekick, other sidekick, billards bar (total 5 extra)
-Possible human genome storyline? (post #431)
-Have co-worker have a birthday party? (post #470)
-Change the definition of the MC (san-kyu, ni-kyu, depending on the number of hero points that they have)


I got the Bodega robbery twice on patrol.