Birth of a Hero (WIP, Update 16th March, new villain to fight)



Anybody tried using Water Powers Yet? It seems pretty underpowered honestly, You can get a +60% Agility sure but no ranged weapon that scales with Agility and overall it seems like it has the fewest options.


Yeah, water powers are pretty underpowered as is, and the few in there right now focus more on ice.

Some suggestions:

  • Be unaffected by slippery surfaces (Like wet floors or ice) – cheap power as it’s situational

  • Not sure how to explain, but as a defensive power, I was thinking of having the player behave like water, in terms of how water moves around anything flowing by them, and have the player also be able to flow around them. Requires high AGI.

  • Be able to manipulate acidic substances as offensive power

  • Be able to turn into a slime and basically seep through cracks and other tight spaces (High cost)

  • As Misc., be able to manipulate other sorts of liquids (Like gasoline) to an extent. Hey, Aeronaut’s suit has to consume a lot of coolant.

Also a separate thing, choosing to form a melee weapon causes the game to choose a ranged weapon instead (which shows up as a blank).


It might be easier to implement a system where a water powered superhero can be empowered when more hydrated/surrounded by water? That way the hero can choose to carry water bottles or a canister of some sort (could be added in to the hero outfit options?)

Same could go for Earth based powers, carry around gravel or pieces of the meteorite that gave you the powers and control them alike to how Magneto from X-Men can? Just a thought


It might not actually be that hard. Adrao already has the script for slow and stun, they could just re-fluff freezing the floor as slow and acid as a painful stun.

Also being empowered by the surrounding area might be a bit too situational and somebody would have to willingly purchase said situational power.


That’s very true, however it could have a massive buff, even just for the odd scene. Would make any opponent or onlooker think of the hero as the highest ranked level of powered individual and perhaps add a fear factor upon encounters as fame would soar. Could link in to the whole black market discussion too, wouldn’t a ‘supposed top ranked hero’ get more results/information/items than a hero who is ‘finding their feet and seen to be more like a thorn in the side than a force of nature’?


There’s a bug when the cape is last.


This may sound completely ignorant, but from what I’ve read how does nobody notice the injuries from your fights, when you don’t have regeneration or force field. I mean being hit with a laser is bound to leave a mark and leave the person staggering for the next week. BUT somehow the mc just walks into work like he wasn’t hit by lasers or fought the roach. I know this is a fiction story, but there is a line where I can no longer withhold my suspension of disbelief. I known I sound completely blunt, but just think of it as me being straightforward and commenting on plot holes.


Hey really enjoyed the game so far. Would be nice if we could redo our choice of powers in case we didn’t like the selection. Also I noticed that on the first week you can choose to work entirely on the patent (I was an engineer) or split your time, I didn’t get any stat changes. Could have been because my engineering skill was already at 84% and I chose to improve engineering, but it seems like a bug.


I haven’t seen this reported but I was in the costume section making my outfit. During the masks/cape section I had picked full mask, short cape. However “bandana” was not going away. Pick it and you receive an error with no other way out of the section. I would’ve screen capped it but I am on my cell.


I was in the costume select section and I didn’t like the way we were forced to pick items on the costume. For example, I’d select a Spandex outfit with a domino mask, but I don’t like being forced to pick a cape or Bandana.


I got that too! Yikes!


Alright, so costumes aside… I am not sure if I like it as a story. Characters feel kinda flat, the only one I oddly cared about was my boss and getting my “work” done to appease her. The others felt interchangeable.

The super powers really don’t make me feel super at all. Especially characters I thought would be agility/combat builds. Then don’t get me started on the disappointment of trying to be “Professor X” and be rendered impotent vs. Steel Aeronaut.

I guess I think “disappointment” sums up my feelings so far. I went in wanting to like it but it is just not delivering on making me feel like a “super” as it stands.


Well I can’t say anything besides that I love this, the powers and stats felt good working toghether and seeing my powers in action was one of the greatest feelings ever. One question, will there be a “class one” or cheat mode after we beat the game that gives us more points at the beginning?
Also when I heard of Cockroach man I immedeatly thought of terraformars


It would be cool if the steel aeronaut was a romance option


Continued going through comments and issues from post #74 (sorry, progress will be quicker once I’m finished with Highway Wars…) to

@Thunder, somehow, your suggestion is indeed too situational, which would mean lots of additional coding, only for those using water powers… I’ll try to do something though.
@Willyholly, I checked the code and you should get %+10 in engineering, plus another %+10 if you have the learning power. However, if you are at 84% you might not get much of a bonus (I think at higher levels of skill fairmath doesnt give you much of a bonus)
@IronRaptor, thanks for the criticism. It does seem like I have to improve on my characters, especially those. Mental powers also need to be improved (much on that in my list of things to do). However, the idea is to have more situations within the game, so one single build will not be enough to tackle all situations in the same way (i.e. the robots are supposed to be the biggest challenge for the mental powers, etc).
@Natman1025, not sure what you mean by class one or cheat mode? At the beginning you can choose the difficulty of the game, which gives you more or less hero points… so, if you want to make the game more difficult, you can choose a hero with less powers…
@BigSmoke, I never thought of this, but I read your post this morning and have been turning a few ideas in my head, maybe it can work with a minimum amount of re-working my plot and what I’ve done. Plus, it’ll address some other comments that I have to do below, and lead to a completely new path! (I like it!)

-Corrected bugs about choosing costume. Added gloves, motorbike shoes now have no specified colour (@ColorWheel)
-Changed from having the hp described as a number to a percentage of maximum (maximum hp are still shown, together with “(ENDURANCE x 4)”, so that they player understands about game mechanics (@LightningGarfunkel)
-Added possibility to use teleporting and invisibility to approach steel aeronaut (@stsword )
-Fixed bug with melee weapon
-Added option not to have to pick more things when selecting costume

Outstanding issues
-Place all powers chosen in the power choosing page
-Add extra fight component to first encounter with Steel Aeronaut, if MC can teleport or fly
-Re-write some of the dialogues for co-workers, to add flavour (a frequent complaint, so I need to work on this!)
-More things to do before confronting the Steel Aeronaut (this is what I’m currently working on…)
-Add extra time manipulation powers
-Look at possibility of influencing boss with mind powers
-Change the description of why the MC is being shouted at (if high charisma/intelligence they should refer to frequent absence, little work done, etc)
-Possibly add personal time manipulation (speed up, slow down MC)
-Suggestion for powers: ability to mess around with Richard as payback (splash the coffee in his face or if you control fire you can boil his coffee to burn him, if you have appropriate power)
-Option to pin down aeronaut in ending scene if you have control over gravity.
-Suggestions for powers from @Chaosteress (Message #45)
-Rework some situations (showing, not telling, post #78) “For example, you said that not everyone is willing to accept powered individuals and simply want to experiment on them. Rather than telling the player that, show them. Have the reader encounter a group of people who are vocal about their distaste for superheroes. As the MC walk through an electronic store, have a segment show up on a TV on how scientists believe that these powered people should be “examined” to further understand them, sugarfrosting their speech to hide their shady intentions.”
-Water powers are underpowered. Add “unaffected by slippery surfaces” (maybe MC can slip and lose some hp in some section). Manipulate acid (“acid blast”?). Freezing floor (stun), Acid (painful stun?)
-Add some dialogue from co-workers wondering why MC is so badly hurt.
-Add option to clear powers and choose again


What I meant by class one is the power levels, the game said we were level two so I was thinking that if we beat the game we could unlock a secret difficulty where we get an absurd amount of points


This is looking great so far


The port official called me, "Mr. ___"
When my character was female.


A suggestion then: Many of the psychic pwers involved mental control or domination. Which is cool, it stays in the theme and adds flavor. However, when it comes to offense, I didn’t have much offered to me. Is telekinesis in there as an attack anf I somehow overlooked it? Or can it be included so I can take it and drop telepathy/emotion manip? (Those two powers really seem to be overlapping each other.)


I always hated fairmath, it’s why lost heir and the life of series re my favorites.


I also think decay would work well. But that would squarely put me in the antihero category :blush: if I used it on people at least.

I think air and fire can share ash/smoke powers. Air right now seems mostly like lightning to me. Which would probably put air in the speed up mc category.

Regarding water, you could go like Akame ga Kill and freeze time :thinking: Though ice in general is pretty nice. (Maybe a stronger melee weapon and armor due to being solid?)

I feel like shadow is in that master of none category.