Birth of a Hero (Superhero Theme WIP, Update 14-Nov, added speedsters)



@MeltingPenguins, I’ll implement some of your suggestions and add them to my list of things to do.

In the meantime, just wanted to indicate that speedsters have been implemented (animal (speed x2), time (x2, x4, x8) and air (x2, x4, x8). So far the only coded use of the powers is during the fights, though if anybody has any suggestions on other uses I’ll be happy to code them!


Nice, can’t wait to try the new powers
But one question, are you gonna keep telekenesis as just moving objects and slow down people because if so then there has to be an explanation as to why we can’t just use telekenesis on a different level. Because if telekenesis on that level was real then there is a lot more to be done with it(creating a shield of force around the mc, molecular level movement, using telekenesis on the organs and not the whole person, etc as examples) unless there was an explanation such as the psyche creates a field that stops it from effecting internal organs/components of the body


I think I found a bug when you select the option to describe your self it doesn’t give you the choice to click done ,


I love it so far can’t wait for more


I noticed a bug. Basically I picked "water based powers and when I was choosing my specific powers i picked “breathing under water, water goes through you etc.” then I picked “thick ice armor” and then I could pick again “breathing under water” , I picked that again and option to get it stayed after I bought it again. Just decided to let you know.


Are you adding Heat vision?


In the part about movement powers as a time controlling character, the option that allows to controlling it eight times lacks the word “eight”.
Also: In the part about reading the newspaper there is an option of saying A crime is a crime, no matter how small. Society should enforce all rules, and even small infractions deserve attention and punishment. I wanted to play a character that is obsessive about the law, but later when you catch a dealer you are forced to let him go, which kind of breaks it for me.
I think it would be nice if I could keep the continuity, by arresting him.

Also when picking powers I met two other bugs while I was picking powers:
1.I chose air-based powers and after picking invisibility it redirected me straight to offensive powers instead of category menu or back to miscellaneous powers.
2.While picking from fire-based powers I had 20 points left and chose creating energy weapon from offensive powers menu, after choosing a katana I was left with -20 points.

Also about custom appearance: The other special features is kind of irritating. It proposes only tattoos and piercing, so I have to type two random things, as I have to have them. I think there should be a similar option to choosing costume colours, like “no other special features” or something like that.


When we’re talking to Tidal Bore, would it be possible to have a more tactful way of asking them to tell us about Mr. Watson than ‘Spit out everything you know now’? Especially if we have already been being nice to her, and we haven’t been playing a character who is forceful or socially awkward.

She even says ‘there is no way I’d be telling you if you ask me that way’, but there isn’t actually another way to ask her.