Birds of Prey(WiP)(Hiatus)

I love seeing stories with mc portrayed as an animal. This so far reminds me a lot of this book called Frightful’s Mountain. I look forward to seeing how this story grows.

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Thank you and I’m glad. I’m usually drawn to books and series where the protagonist is an animal and(I’m not sure if it’s me not paying attention and missing out on stuff but-) I haven’t been able to find much of that on the forum lately. I decided I should do it myself since I know a few other people are wanting animal povs.

Also I don’t think I’ve heard of that book before. I’ll go check it out. Maybe I can learn something from it :3 Again, thank you.


Very creative idea and well done so far. Always happy to see more unique stories - especially ones with animal protagonists!



Birds of Prey will start to have slow updates for a bit. I want to focus on writing my other project in hopes of getting the majority of the first part done. It’s gonna be a lot of work so I want to focus on the story for a while before making Birds of Prey my main priority again. I’ll update if I decide to go back to it or if any progress happens.


Just read this and I think it’s amazing loved it

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Aw, thank you! :heart:

Update April 1, 2021
This is not a prank.

My computer has officially a stopped working(which was bound to happen eventually). I won’t be able to make new updates for a while until I get a new one. Doesn’t mean I’ll abandon the project though. I don’t mind rewriting what I have for Birds of Prey.

I just wanted the let you guys know that the short hiatus will expand now with the lack of my pc. I hope you all have a great week and I will update when something happens.


Sorry to hear that. :frowning: At least you’ve got what’s already uploaded to DD safe. Take care and we’ll see you when you get back!

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Thank you! Take care as well. :heart:

Best wishes, hope everything works out soon.