Bharathi - Her Theory of Everything (WIP)

I’ve begun work on my new game BHARATHI Her Theory of Everything. In it, you play a female adventurer from the year 4500 AD Hyderabad India assisting a Time Traveler from Present Day America with goals to find their respective husbands who have been captured by the future Government ruled by an Totalitarian personality - a robot based life form.

Currently it’s about (75%, 20,000 Words) done, and I plan on updating every 1 week.

To play the demo, go here: - Here I’m stuck - I have completed a rough draft using the Chronicler IDE which generates a Chronx file - should I post that or somehow host the game on another web site?

Any polite assistance would really help me move forward with development.

Anil C Rao

The game should not be gender-locked, in my opinion.


No that was not the intention - just for this rough draft. In the final version one can play one of two characters from either gender.

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I agree, with op, gender locking should be avoided atleast male/female options must be given

I made a mistake earlier, and had to halt my project midway, its better to start making changes from the beginning. hosts choice script games.


Yes here is the link:

Hi Anil ji,

Took the liberty of changing your title so people will know to come and read the WIP. I can also recommend, where my WIP is presently hosted.

I think you should try to host it on DashingDon, it was made to work for pretty much any type of choice of games demo. So I would try there for right now.
Hope I’ve helped ⠽⠲

I don’t really mind gender-locking, although that is an unpopular statement.

Thanks for all the replies - I hosted the game on Dashingdon as suggested - as it stands it just an IF work - but I hope to evolve it so that the 4 main characters (2 males 2 females) are accessed in a more direct way in Choicescript IDE Chronicler.

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