Beyond The Mist (Work In Progress by Intimidating Puffin Studios)

lol, Im a going into midlife adult and still feel this way :joy:


@idonotlikeusernames You are right, 00’s suburban vibe is what I am going for. This is set many, maaaaany years after TSSW. The setting is “modern”, but it’s still an alternate universe. All memory of Dragons, magic etc has been forgotten.


New game already? You are on :fire:


Do I think he’s significantly hot? Perhaps. Maybe. Yes.

Do I have to choose this option to enable Zach romance, would not choose it conveniently lock me out? 'cause I personally not comfortable with choosing options saying a character is hot at a first glance.

If that would not be too much burden on you… :face_with_peeking_eye:

@anon57188313 You do indeed have to choose that option to start their romance. I could see about potentially rewording it a bit, but I also want to make it clear that the MC is attracted to them, so it might have to stay as is.

Another option would be to add one more interaction where the romance can be started there… Hmm, this idea has merit. :thinking:


I guess then I have the reverse question: Does picking the option that he’s hot force a romance? To me, attraction and romance are completely unrelated (I’m sure mostly if not entirely because I’m aromantic).