Beyond The Mist (Demo Updated 03/09/2023)


You are a young adult adrift in life, suffocating under the yoke of your oppressive society and relationships. Feeling out of sync with the rest of the world, you are looking for connection, freedom, a change of scenery at the very least.

You find it in the form of a long-lost city, calling out to you across space and time. Something is beckoning underneath the city’s glimmering white tiles, something ancient and powerful.

Will you resist the call beyond the veil and its seductive promises, or will you embrace the path destiny has set out before you?

A world not your own lies ahead.


· Play as cis male or female, trans male or female, or non-binary—with options to be straight, gay, or bisexual.

· Find romance with two different supernatural companions, either individually or in a polyamorous triad.

· Rich in lore and set in the same world as The Soul Stone War, long after the Battle for the Soul Stones is resolved.

· Overcome the crippling anxiety, depression, and hopelessness of your home life and forge a new path for yourself.

· A story of coming into one’s truest, authentic self, focused on overcoming demons that come both from within and without.

· The story is romance-centric, and Cy, in particular, is by default someone important to the MC–if not their partner, then their best friend. The two romanceable characters can be either male or female—you get to decide which.


The main character starts out depressed, anxious and trapped in an unhealthy environment. Later on, the game will contain adult themes, explicit adult content (which as always can be skipped), and brief mentions of suicidal ideation. At that point, the demo will be moved to the adult section.

The romanceable companions:

There will be two companions that the MC can romance in this game, either individually or in a polyamorous triad.

Zach is a cynic with a dry sense of humor, and they somehow always show up when the MC least expects them. Confident and easy-going, Zach fiercely is loyal if you prove that you deserve their dedication.

Cy is a strong-willed but grim individual who is completely oblivious to humor. Any attempt to joke with them will fall flat, but they make up for it with their passion for life and everything in it. Stubborn and territorial, Cy will do whatever it takes to draw the MC to them.

The game will feature many, MANY small chapters, and that will allow me to update it frequently. Timeline-wise, the game is set after The Soul Stone War series but BEFORE the series that will come after.

Here’s the Dashingdon link if you want to give it a try!

Also, links to my Tumblr, Patreon, Ko-Fi, and Discord server if anyone is interested!




Edit: The demo has been updated with chapter 2!

Edit: Chapter 3 is now complete and uploaded to the demo!

Edit: Demo updated with start of Ch4!

Edit: Chapter 4 continued!

Edit: Chapter 4 finished!

Edit: Chapter 5 in progress!


just did a skim read but noticed a bug, when I select my mc is interest in men the ros pronouns are set to ‘false’ instead of he/him/etc


aside from the one mentioned above, everything seems to be fine on my end. i love it already! i love the different choices and how easy i can get into the role of the mc. i love the interaction with them and it balances out the start where the mc is not on a good mood.

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Thanks for the reports, the bug is fixed!


Would someone who hasn’t played TSSW be missing anything important? Or is it a totally different storyline that just happens to be in the same setting?


You can play it completely independently of TSSW :grin: There will be easter eggs etc, but the story stands on its own~


This hit me in the feels because I relate so much it’s scary. :sob::sob::sob:


This is not really my kind of thing, but if I’m reading the OP right, there’s possibly a female character named Zach? I like that.

Zechariah does have some feminine variants, though none of them actually start Zach-.

There’s also Jack, which… wasn’t historically a diminutive of Zechariah, but could be nowadays, so maybe someone decided that if Jack can be feminine (which it can), then Zach can too.

The only think i would have to criticize is that its a way short demo, but, knowing you and having read the soul Stone series, i know the wait and the short chapters it will be worth it.

Also; that last line is a killer one for fans of Dragons Age, and, please its missing our favorite swear word :rofl:


great demo can’t wait for more

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Is this an expanded version of the smaller story that was available on a while back?

Edit: sorry to the 14 people that clicked on that; it’s not a link to the previous story, which I believe is no longer available.


I REALLY like this so far. This is the first time I’ve been able to pick options that feel like real me.

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This is chefs kiss

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Wow I … IM SPEECHLESS!!! it hits right in my kokoro damnnn f7ckiN hellsz man I felt that, this is so relatable that it makes me want to look forward to it, compliments aside … Writing feels smooth also the character (MC) emotion is good its not scattered all over the place and every word builds it up to some identity were tryin to create w/c is wonderful, also the person who gave MC an umbrella was … Was it Zach? Haha anyways thats it cant wait to finish the character creation scenario, and get on with the story :+1::+1::+1:

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@SpanishBrEaD That was indeed Zach XD


Wow, I loved the first chapter! You captured the suffocation of living in an abusive household perfectly. I’m really looking forward to seeing where this goes-I have to say, I haven’t been this excited about a WIP in a long time!

I do have one piece of feedback: I don’t see how the option “I focus on my breathing.” is not pro-active. I read it as the MC choosing to do breathing exercises/meditation, not just sitting there. I feel like other people might read it like that as well.

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@extremecouponerbb Good point! I am not focusing on the stats so much atm, but I will implement your suggestion later on! Also! I had to implement a change compared to the initial premise of the game.

Cy will be by default either the MC’s soulmate or their best friend. There are important story reasons for this.

I was trying to see if I could avoid this so as not to shoehorn players into a relationship (platonic or otherwise) that they don’t want, but it makes no sense for the plot to have Cy and the MC to not be invested in each other.

So yeah!


How long after Soul Stone wars is this? Because the world seems to have undergone several major technological and cultural (r)evolutions since then? In this game the tech level seems to be at least mid to late 20th century culturally and late 20th century technologically. From what little there is I got a 90’s or 00’s suburban vibe. “Little boxes on a hillside”.
Well, except that the mc seems be near the bottom of the middle class, without a seemingly stellar, if predictable future.

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