Beyond the Fields We Know - WIP [Chapters 7 and 8 now available - tournaments, assignations and other worlds!]

Going back, I’m not sure. When trying to enter the abbey to get a look at Strange, there is an option to test timing, manners, or going unseen. I would guess music for timing, chivalry for manners, hunting for unseen? But there are also tests of traits as well…so I guess at this point my complaint is that tests aren’t clear enough on what’s being tested.

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Just found this wip and was wondering if there will be a save system added? Sorry if you already answered this question.

@kckolbe You’re right about those three options! But I’ll see if I can make the wording clearer on some of the others.

@HeliosTheAll-Seeing That’s something I hadn’t decided on yet, as I gather a lot of CoG games don’t have one. Is it something you’d like to have?

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I always love to play games a lot more with save options available

Remember, the save function is only for when the game, on Dashington, is a WiP. We can’t have it when the game is published, although a published game can have checkpoints I.e. opting to replay the prior chapter instead of continuing to the next chapter.

With that said, most of the COGs I’ve played, none have checkpoints. Mostly see them in Hosted Games tend to use them.

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Yeah i meant a save system for the wip just so i don’t have to start over to check if every option works out or if there are errors.

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Immediately a problem: his/your Highness is only for princes. A king is his/your Majesty.

“his Highness the King” would be incredibly insulting.

“heavy with ten shillings’ worth of coin” shillings were created in 1505, despite the year apparently being 1390.

“notch an arrow” you nock an arrow, notch is a part of an arrow

You wrote “Grey” for the horse, but you also write “armor” not “armour”. Are you using British spelling here or American?


@Laguz Good spot on the shilling and the nocking arrows - and thanks for those, I never thought to check currency terms - but my research suggests you’re wrong on the Majesty part? It apparently wasn’t used for English royalty until Henry VIII, and before then Your Highness was the normal term of address for the monarch. I’m going off this source.

I’m using American spelling, but the British spelling of Grey due to it being a name?

EDIT: actually, further research says that although the shilling coin wasn’t minted until 1505, the word was still used in currency and trading in the 14th century

@hapamama93 @HeliosTheAll-Seeing I’ll see what I can do, but it might be a bit tricky since there’s no inbuilt function and I’d have to code it from scratch. I see where you’re coming from though!


I second this

An interesting and nicely written story - love the language. Just a question, are both hunting and caution determing factors on acts involving stealth? In addition, I thought it would be good to include a description (in the stats page) on how each stat affects the gameplay. I believe it will provide players with a clearer picture on what to look out for.

Also, a save option would be very much appreciated.

Looking forward to the next chapter!

@Keira Hunting’s meant to be more physical stealth and Caution more social or preemptive, but some descriptions is a good idea.
And thank you, glad you’re enjoying it!

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Hello all,

A save system, as requested, has been added to the online version of the game!

I’ve also made some of the suggested tweaks to early chapters. Thanks for all your feedback so far!

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