Betovering House (WIP, Update: January 12th 2019)



Gotcha, so it’s kinda like Hemlock Grove where werewolves transform is very painful then? I know werewolves tend to vary whether they’re the humanoid type (on two legs) or the full wolf type when they fully transform.


I’ve never seen the show but in Betovering’s universe werewolves are humanoid when they transform no matter what the conditions. And it is only painful for them to shift WITHOUT the full moon.

To go into more specifics, the day before, during, and after the full moon are all the days a werewolf can transform. However it is only obligatory to transform on the day the full moon is actually present, the other two days are up to preference and most werewolves don’t as it is more painful. Those with SLP cannot control when their body tries to shift and the triggers vary wildly so it can be hard to determine what will cause them to transform. And because the full moon isn’t there, the transformation is extremely painful. Nina would compare it to being flayed alive, whereas when she transforms during the full moon it’s more of an uncomfortable feeling; like squeezing through a crowded room.


Okay. Just finished reading and it’s already my favourite! Can’t wait for the next update!


Nice start, will be watching.


It seems super interesting! Really looking forward to how this progresses!


Hmm, somehow feels like a different take on the normal-agent-of-a-supernatural-organization plot and I like it! Character relations are something I always look out for in a story, and I really enjoyed the way you wrote it here! I look forward to watching how the dynamics of the group evolve or stay the same, and I can’t wait to befriend everyone tbh yes even you Dodge

To clarify, is Ray romanceable? Because mmm he seems sweet and I’m extremely curious about him, as well as MC’s clear issues with abandonment


Thank you! You certainly will be able to befriend everyone, though some might take a little more time to warm up to you looking at u dodge

Not sure this is much of a spoiler but yes, you can romance Ray! While everybody’s route is different and they don’t ‘share’ scenes but rather replace them when romanced, Ray’s is unique in that he requires certain options to be picked before you can flirt with him. They’re not personality choices or anything, but rather there to challenge his mindset.

If you want a little more detail on that then Ray thinks he’s a bit too old for the MC, and also being their boss is another obstacle too. Not to mention the aforementioned abandonment issues. I won’t say much more but to actually date him takes a longer time than the others, though he doesn’t get less scenes or anything. They’re just different.


Yes! >_< (just watch it dodge, I’ll be victorious)

YES!!! yet another person I’m gonna fight for. I’m really so excited for it!! :grin:


Wow, this demo was really good! I’m excited for the next update so I can hang out with these characters some more! Deciding who to romance might be difficult, though…

Also, I know it’s a bit early and not entirely related to the story, but what would you say the MC’s “power level” is? That is, are they equipped with the tools and skills to take down supernaturals in the event that they go rogue? If this is a spoiler feel free to disregard the question.


Thank you!! Ah it’s really great everyone’s been so nice since I’m pretty self-conscious and critical of my own writing haha. And I know what you mean about choosing who to romance, which is why I recommend multiple playthroughs! totally not bc I want more compliments shh

It’s not a spoiler really but just in case they are not. That is not part of their job. It might be in a certain someone else’s though. However, their physical skills aren’t for nothing and they have received some training in protecting themselves against threats.

Bit more of a spoiler but those threats may not be of the entirely magical kind.


Well…glad I looked up what Betovering means because the first thing that popped in my head was “What does Beethoven have to do with this?” lol :sweat_smile:


Sounds both good and different from the few ones I checked out recently. Looking forward to it.


Game’s been updated with the first part of chapter two:

Hope you enjoy!!


that happen when I pick, Oh boy. This is gonna be a struggle.


Huh. That’s really strange. It works for me when I choose one of the previous two options. I think it might just be a glitch, not something wrong with the coding? I can’t see any fault in there. Regardless, thanks for telling me!


Goddamn it that cliffhanger was good. I liked the update although I did feel like there was way too much text without much choices in between.


yeah your right, sorry my bad.:sweat_smile:


The update was wonderful and I can’t wait to see more!


Awesome update, loving this story even more! Looking forward to the next update. Keep it up.


I liked seeing the MC’s mother in the update! Now I’m even more curious about why exactly she left without any notice. Will we get to see more flashbacks?

Also, what kind of magic/spells can witches perform? Do they specialize in certain areas, or is the term magic in the world of Betovering House more broad?

A few typos I spotted!


*Should be possessive I believe? So its

*not as present as usual (perhaps?)

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