Beta Testing for New Game - Up From the Ashes

I’m going to be posting new chapters for the game I’m working on in this thread. The working title right now is Up From the Ashes, but that might change in the future. This is the link:
Any feedback is appreciated! Especially with story content, and if the narration is going in an interesting direction.

Brief Summary:
You wake up in the back of a cart, having been mistaken for dead, with no idea who you are or where you came from. Now you must embark on a journey to figure out what happened to your memory, and along the way, make friends who can help you achieve this goal, and enemies that possibly had a hand in erasing your memory in the first place.


The title, at least, is pretty good already, so I’m eager for your WIP’s development.

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I like the opening (it draws us right in, what with us being dragged off to death) and the means of character creation. Keep it up.

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I confused this with From Ashes we Rise which got me quite excited. I hope this story ends up as good as that.

Dose it end at start of your quests cause if not I couldent get passed it cause it kept loading and not going through

i love your work :grin:

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Yeah, i think it’s ended at start of the quest. I have the same problem too

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Could you please post a short summary of your story as it is now and maybe where you intend on taking it? Thank you


It does end at Start Your Quest, I am currently working on the next chapter, which should be released in the next couple of days if all goes well

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I added a summary to the original post. I’m not very good at writing summaries, so please let me know if I should add anything!

It was too short for me to really form an opinion but I was genuinely sad when the demo ended. The dream sequence especially was really fun - I picked the clock tower option and I liked the idea of a town stuck in time. I wonder if that’s an allusion to the MC’s past or their future.

I’m looking forward to more!


Another chapter has been uploaded, so hopefully that should provide more of an idea of the game!

Hi! I found a bug,when I tried to shake Danica’s hand,this message appeared:

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I forgot to upload the updated startup.txt! It should work now, thanks for catching that!


No prob! Always glad to help


Love already your story but i can’t read further

Same here it doesn’t load after chapter 2

I chose to go inside the city with Danica, but the game also hangs when I try to go to the next chapter.

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Beta testing already woah that was quick

I would like to join I’m interested