Beta testers needed for "Haunted house on the hill"

I need beta testers for my first game “Haunted house on the hill”

In this horror adventure game, you play the role of James, a teenage boy, who along with his friends have decided to give the haunted house on the hill a visit. Rumors of people disappearing or going insane has made you curious. No one knows where you are. Will you succumb to the spirits in the house… or will you survive the night with your mind intact?

It is an adventure/horror game which is gender locked. Feedback can be provided right here in this forum topic. The link to play the game is below.


Haunted house on the hill


Hi guys, sorry about the delay. I am aware of issues in the game and I’m currently working on them.

I will repost a new link when I have sorted out the issues. Hope to have it done by Friday at the latest.


JP Smith


I have fixed the errors. If a few people can test it for me and provide feedback either here or via PM, I would appreciate it.

I also made it public on now and linked this forum topic for feedback. I’m trying to work on game art and will edit the game with it when and if I have something ready.

Haunted house on the hill

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