Best WIP's of 2018


Wow more people like my game :relaxed:
Thank you so much!

I had no idea coming to the forum around a year ago would change my life so much, it really shows that there’s a lot of nice and supportive people around the world. Really thank you so much, writing my game so people can enjoy it is like the best feeling in the world uwu.

Anyways, I’m getting mushy so I’ll put here my favs too.

Curious Cuisine by @MeltingPenguins

  • So good, definetly would play over and over again. We don’t have enough games about cooking! Mixed with superheros :ok_hand:

The Shadow Society by @Carawen

  • The characters, the dialogue, the story. Gosh I’m a sucker for all! Never replayed a game so many times.

Model Citizens: Unmasked by @RenaB

  • THE CHARACTERS ARE A GIFT! Thank you for such a good game with great interactions, I’ve never loved a male character as much as I love Ricky.

Totem Force by @ParrotWatcher

  • It’s Power Rangers but better. Love how much customization there is and how everything really is fresh and gives me flashbacks to my childhood. Love it!

SoS: The Mortal Coil by @Dae-kalina

  • So well written, it’s like I’m reading a book by a famous author. I look up to this person and hope to write like them some day. The story just pulls you in and it’s so remembarable!

The Enchanter’s Misery by @Samuel_H_Young

  • Ugh it’s sooooo goood! I would have paid for this game even if it was so overpriced. I love the feel the game gives, the comedy is right up my alley, and being a gravedigger has never been so interesting. Recommended to anyone!

Fox of Sunholt by @smod

  • First wip that I had played where the romance made me wheeze. Love it, the interactions between the characters and the MC are priceless! Smod also draws really good, they know what the readers want.

The Operatives: Fires of Revolution by @spytim

  • I’m invested in everything. Believe me I’m not a huge fan of the genre but this game is my only exception. I’m so into the story and I can’t wait for more updates!

Mass Mother Murder by @Samuel_H_Young

  • Another great game by this talented person. I am obsessed with true crime and murder, it’s 50% of my life. This game is everything I needed, magic with murder is a great combination. Thank you for creating this masterpiece.

Freak: Amidst the Neon Lights by @Snoe

  • Teach me your ways! I love the characters and the writing. The story was interesting from the beginning and I love how the MC is truly different depending on your choices and how the characters react to that difference! Can’t recommend enough.

I’m sure there are many other awesome Wips that I’ve played but can’t remember well (which is not surprising given my shitty memory). Just wanted to say that it is so enjoyable to be surrounded by such creative and kind people, I’ve never felt more at home and I hope that you’ll have a bright future with tons of happiness. Keep fighting! :smile:


It’s great that you’re having such a good time on the forum, @SmolPirate! It certainly is an awesome place that’s really helpful for us aspiring and HG authors. :smile:

Thanks so much for your praise of my WIPs :fire:

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Top WIP’s are:

High School Revenge
Atheina: A Story of Gods
Bright City
The War for the West and
United We Stand

So far because i haven’t tried many WIPs yet


Thank you for being so welcoming! Keep up with the awesome work ^-^

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I just want to pop in here and thank everyone who has mentioned my game :sob: it’s really amazing as a newbie to this site to have people like what you do, and I can only hope that you’ll enjoy the rest of the TSS experience :heart:


There are so many good WIPs here, but my favorite so far is: The Unwanted Warrior


Wow! Thanks for the shout-out :smile: Definitely flattered and honored to have made your list!!!


I love the stat interactions and the fact that there’s no easy way out in your game. You have to make hard choices and sacrifice relationships or even people in order to both further yourself and get further along in whatever goals your working towards. As a result each run feels extremely tailored to your play style.

  • You can be a caring sibling who’s doing everything in their power to protect their sibling.
  • You can be a brutal survivalist who only cares about themselves.
  • You can try to curry favor with your higher ups either for yourself or for others.

Or you can try to help everybody at the expense of yourself which causes you to fall short in that goal and ultimately help nobody ( no easy way out ).

There’s dozens of other permutations and they all feel like they were given equal attention in order to make them valid and fully realized paths you can explore.

Excellent writing and manipulation of choice script my friend. None of the WIP’s I listed in my 10 are short of excellent and yours’ is no exception.


Mordred, Freak, Diaspora and Fox of Sunholt are probably my favies of what’s been mentioned. I do however think we’re overlooking A Hag Called Fate by @Frosty which I feel is really unique in it’s setup and has a lot of potential.

Also Mordred, because it deserves to be mentioned twice, as the rest of the thread has more or less established.


Ok! New question for today:


My game has been moved into an opt-in adult forum. If you’ve over 18, I would take a look at the forum stickies.

So far this year I’ve been impressed with An Absinthian Ballad, Mass Mother Murderer, and A Witch’s Curse. I’m enjoying sifting through all the games I’ve missed!


I can’t decide which ones are my favourite, probably because I have played around 100 or so WIP’s but there are some worth mentioning:
-The Enchanter’s Misery
-SoS: The Mortal Coil
-Have human Will Travel
-The Shadow Society
-Freaks:Amongst the Neon Lights
-Nuclear Powered Toaster
-Hells Gaze
-The Divine Thrones
-The Fallen Divine
-Blood Hunter
and many more. :grin:


I am flattered, I never expected anyone to mention my wip

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Well people should mention it more :grin:

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I went through the site, and in no particular order:

  • Curse of the Spirit
  • The Shadow Society
  • A Mortal Hero: Patron of the Gods
  • Model Citizens: Unmasked
  • Totem Force
  • Fox of Sunholt
  • The Enchanter’s Misery
  • Children of the Gods
  • SoS: The Mortal Coil

I love a lot of other WIPs, too, but those are the ones I saw when I browsed. There’s some really good ones out there, and I just :heart:. I was going to write what I like about each story individually, but I just realized it’s basically the same for each one: good characters, quality writing, and a premise/genre that I’m interested in personally


Thank you so much once again! It’s really feels surreal to be included in this list amongst games that I admire so much. I’ve never felt prouder and happier about something like this…
So thank you really. 0^0


Vendetta Vendetta Vendetta Vendetta and Vendetta


Oh, is that a new one?


Old… Verrry old recently resurrected after a long time.


I’ll have to give it a look.