Best way of offering multiply choices based on an earlier choice?

In my game “Unnatural” I let players pick from a choice of six guardian spirits. I want to let each spirit teach the player from one of three abilities unique to each spirit.

I’ve been trying to code this, but get the feeling the method I have chosen is more complicated than it needs to be.

What would be the best way of doing it? at the moment I’m writing the choices out for each guardian seperately. Is there an easier way of dealing with this?

What I would do is to create a variable in myscript.js for guardian spirits. For example, my default for Lupus is:
lupus: 0

I write it so that the variable “lupus” increases by one if the player chooses Lupus. When offering a choice based on guardians, it would look like this:
-*if (lupus = 1) #Werewolf Mode!

If all the abilities are unique, then each of the choices has to lead to a unique scene, no way around it.

Based on the current version, and your Stats screen, I’d say you’ve got it right. Keep plugging away.