Best game ever- Miner King


Hi, guys, I found an interesting mobile game, which combines with cryptocurrency. A completely new concept, isn’t it ? Players can get MLS, a cryptocurrency, by playing the game on mobile, first mobile game about mining. Besides, they are going to launch the alpha of this game on October,15th, so anyone who is interested can have a look at it. Players can make money while having fun in playing the game-Miner king.

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Game Show:

     Twitter: Mozzria

1.Alpha ID will be sent from 9th on 12 noon GMT to 14th October. Every user who holds at least 10,000 MLS can ask
for one ID and will not be sent after the deadline.

2.Way to get ID: Please sign the giving message in the email address with snapshot address,
send snapshot address, message and signature to the .

  1. About the signature, please see the tutorial:

Please feel free to discuss it with me. I am just a fan of Miner King since its design and looking for like-minded friends.


welcome to discuss it with me.