Being a kid SUCKS


Two games i can fall in love with, but not afford to actually finish now!!! #Whining

Well now that I’ve complained, feel free to use this as a general whining thread, about life.

Example: My favorite football (american) team the Michigan Wolverines got absolutely destroyed yesterday *sigh ):


It’s funny how most of my perceived problems went away as soon as moved away from my parents. Then I got a whole new set of them! And then there’s the fun post-university set of problems…

Yeah, I really recommend trying to enjoy whatever good things you can find around you before more complex issues get in the way of it. ^_^’’


Being an adult sucks. People expect you to do all sorts of things without ever being informed how to do them. Instead of getting sent to your room for doing something wrong, you lose your job, your friends, or get forced to pay huge fines or sent to prison. You can get drafted into the military, have to pay taxes, have to go to jury duty, have to take care of your own feeding, have to constantly worry about the future because no one else is going to take care of if for you. Oh yeah, and if you’re a parent you have to constantly worry about kids who don’t understand any of this!


I’ll get yelled by my parents at the end of this month for adding $5.97 to the phone bill from spending it on COG games.

I regret nothing.

Oh and school starts this week and I am being nagged at 24/7 to get my schoolwork done, which, honest to Saraswati, I dgaf about.

Yeah I sound like a total brat.


Corel Sketch Pad randomly closed in the middle of my drawing. Nothing was saved. =((


my computer sucks and I have no money :’(


@CS_Closet My computer deletes random amounts of data, even if it was saved and uploaded to dropbox. Hoping to get a new one soon or else my game will never be done.


That’s truely awful. You get +5 sympathy points.


We should make a game out of this


I am 17, Know more about politics then some adults but wont be able to vote. I have to go to school even though id rather work-but want a decent job so have to go to school- I find that money takes forever to earn and is able to be spent like *snaps* the girl I have been dating on and off no longer wants to do that and wants to be “friends” which sucks cause to be honest I would spend the rest of my life with her. I cant drink legally which is stupid because most of the world has their age being 16-18. I havnt slept well in 3 weeks because my mind has things and im comeing down with a cold. simply, life sucks right now!


Oooh i’ll go deep and give a general life sucks paragraph for the ages.

My dad died about three weeks ago from cancer. I knew and loved him, but we weren’t SUPER close, as he lived about 4 hours away. But i still miss him. At the moment i start junior year, all pre-ap and ap classes FML. I cant get a job, and i dont know why I just dont have the will to really try. Even though I DO want to work. IDK its weird. I like 2 girls right now, one whos dad is going through cancer, and so im worried that any relationship would just be centered on that stuff and unable to go forward. And the other has been a good friend for years, dont want to mess it up yada yada. Hmmm oh yeah, and my big sis left for college


It’s only when you stop being a teenager that you realise just how little time you have to do stuff and OH SHIT IT’S BEEN A YEAR ALREADY?


What would a world with no problems be like?.
I bet it would suck

I love the little hic-ups that life throws me predictability is far to boring.
Life be glad we’re here.


World without problems would suck huh? Yeah, if you’re super privileged that is.


Why do you think that?

I think it was the great physicist Albert Eienstine that said “mo money mo problems”
I’m poor as heck (see artist), but very happy.


Wouldn’t a world without problems require everyone to be super priviledged, since being under-privileged is considered a problem for most people?


The concept of priviledge is being placed in a higher position than others and gets all the benefits which come with it. A world without problems wouldn’t have priviledge since everyone would have equal benefits.

Anyone of you seriously think I like being a queer lady in a world like this?


I bet if everybody in the world had a home,food,entertainment whatever and it was all free,
Then people would complain about other things like the family they were born into or there skills.

People call me gay all the time it’s even been yelled at me from cars, and I’m not even gay.
Because I’m white, people of African decent have talked to me about slavery but my family is Scottish,and the English treated them pretty bad to,

Yes the world sucks but only the people parts, and we are people and have the ability to change it.


Oh I’m sorry. I read it and kind of mid-understood what you said in a confusing way.


You really have no understanding of white priviledge, I see.

I sure want things to change but everywhere i come across reactionary elements.