Being a kid ROCKS


i want (im walking on sunshine)sung at my funeral


post deleted.


What post was deleted? :frowning:



I edited my post I originally said something about funerals not being happy thoughts but decided its not my place to say such things so I removed it.


Ah i see ^.^ well technically, most people see funerals as depressing seeing as everyone is there to say good bye to a fellow friend/family member forever, but i see funerals as a good way to get together and reminise (not sure if spelled right) about the good or bad person that lyes in the coffin ^.^


I like the after-funeral parties (er, I mean wakes). :slight_smile: My friends have guaranteed that mine will be a rave! XD

Honestly, I don’t think the person who died would want people to be all depressed because of them. Celebrate what they’ve accomplished and remember them.


@cs_closet thats the way i‘d wanna go thats for sure ^.^



That is a positive attitude to have. I turn 29 on the 28th September, and have been to three funerals in my life, two were my grandmother and my grandfather that was quite a few years ago. The last one was only last year, when me an my then girlfriend (now my wife) had to bury our son who was stillborn. So the sadness is still quite raw, in fact only the fact we had another child who was born in february a year after Sam died who was born healthy (Dean is now 7 months old) helps me carry on and think about Sam in a good way.


ahh, my sister’s 3rd child was stillborn so i can kinda understand where your coming from



It not a good feeling so I’m sorry to hear about your sister. It was particulary bad for me and my girlfriend because Sam was fine throughout the whole pregnancy and he actually only passed away approx 24 hours before he was born. So it came as a total surprise to everyone. It was hard but we’re moving on, it helped we had a wedding to plan it gave us something to focus on.

anyway back on topic being a kid rocks depending on your year of birth, my childhood rocked because I had programmes like Dogtanian, Transformers, Thundercats, Jayce and the wheeled warriors, Knightmare, Eeriee indiana, Sliders, Quantum Leap etc I have seen some of the cartoons kids these days have and I’m glad I was born in the 80s lol


god, i want to agree with this topic so much


… :‘( another me was to be born but was stillborn :frowning: waah (my name is sam ^.^)


I was born 3 months early, doctors said i wouldnt make it to my 1st birthday, here i am 15 years later…one of the few really good things of my life


I was born a couple months early. Stayed in the hospital for one or two, dont remember how long, hooked up to medical equipment. Early birth caused some hormonal imbalances. But overall life is…able to be content. Lots of people have more problems them me.