Being a kid ROCKS


So, looking at that “being a kid sucks” thread I thought why not have one for positive moments?

Discovered an awesome album which I am currently listening to. :smiley:


I have a ww2 Mosinnagant


I am a nerd, which gives me licence to flaunt what I love without fear. :slight_smile:


Optimism, bleh!


I am currently chillin out maxin relaxin all cool shootin some b-ball out side of school, when a couple of guys (they were up to no good) started makin trouble in my neighbourhood! I got in one little fight and my mom got scared so now im going to live with my aunt in uncle in bel-air ^.^


I now love you


I can’t rap, but I can sing. :slight_smile:




Well played. You just made my day.

Now, at the risk of feeling old, I’m going to skedaddle. You kids enjoy your lives. :slight_smile:


^.^ I made people’s days ^.^ fresh prince of bel-air theme song, I thank you


You just can’t go wrong with that song, can you? :stuck_out_tongue:


only at a funeral.


LOLOLOLOL I can totally see someone dying from a fight and they play that song except instead of going to bel-air they go to the afterlife ^.^


I don’t care what anyone says, I want the Fresh Prince theme to play at my funeral. XD

Second choice is Time of Your Life by Green Day.


@ArchAngel950 Why not “Another one bites the dust”, for something open?
Or Danse Macabre, for something a little more subtle?


For my funeral I want happy birthday by arrogant worms to be played ^.^


Screw that i’m gonna have the night of the living dead sound track at mine


From “Being a kid ROCKS” we got to funerals. Seems Legit ^^


Lol but it is a happy thought to have really odd songs fr our funerals


Happiness, youth, and death. The ultimate combination? Eh…