Behind The Name


I never really saw a topic talking about this, so I guess I’ll be the first.

What made you choose the forum username that you have? And what is the meaning behind said username?

I’ll go first:

I remember on June 4th, the day I made an account, I had to think up of a username. To be honest, I was having one of those lazy days. You know, the one day where you just decide that you don’t wanna use your brain for whatever reason. Nonetheless, I still decided that I was gonna come up with a nice, intelligent name.

I then proceeded to hit the Caps lock, for whatever reason.

I hit the A key.

I hit the A key again, just for good measure.

And then I hit the O key.

I looked at the name on the screen.



The name I have is legitimately the result of my own laziness.

And I wouldn’t want it any other way.


My username comes from a username I had on another website called Roblox. I was trying to create trying to think of a username that sounds both unique and doesn’t have numbers in it. (I hate usernames like that-- there were names like “superninja847” and “xjoeyeager452” EVERYWHERE, as well as “Guest” players that were temporarily assigned a number while they played, too)

RagEgnite is the result of that, and even to this day I still think it’s a decent name.


Eiwynn is a name I’ve used to test PvP and raiding mechanics in MMO, RPG, FPS and RTS games. If you phonically pronounce my name or hear it over Vent or other VoP products it infuriated many “elite” and “uber” people.

It also helped that my sister used a name that sounded like “You lose” and my bf at the time used a name that sounded like “We won”.

So most people heard the following: “I Win defeated you. You lose defeated you. and We won defeated you …” or see it in serverwide annoucements. :slight_smile: :innocent: :princess:

Edit: My favorite RPG name to use was “Gouge” for a rogue/theif/assassin type of character… :slight_smile:


No funny story, really–Gower is a medieval poet who I like, and he’s also a Shakespeare character. I’ve been using “Gower” for decades.


Your name sounds like a Pvper or FPS name/handle … :slight_smile:


Cirrocumulus is a type of cloud - my avatar actually shows that exact type of cloud. I wanted a username that is unique, something that sounds nice, has to do with nature and is available on most sites. So I chose Cirrocumulus. And it can be shortened to Cirro, which is a great nickname in my opinion. :3


@Eiwynn I only just got the ‘I win’ thing! I’ve been thinking it was ‘ey-win’…


i use “abecrudele” as my default username. i also use “abe” whenever i introduce myself online.


My name is a character from Alice in Wonderland. There’s not so much about it despite the fact that I like Alice in Wonderland.

Oh, and also


La Rêveuse is ‘the dreamer’ in French. Because I, well, dream. A lot. Not just the kind of sleep-dream, but the wish-dream too.

Also inspired by this Oscar Wilde quote:

“A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.”


I’ve been using Astraali for almost 19 years now, first time I used it was when I started using IRC and needed a decent nick, and it just stuck.

The name came to being because when I’m thinking about something, I can space out for a long periods of time. My personal best is one and a half hours just staring to emptiness.

Also, Astraali is a finnish word for Astral.

Edit. On a side note, I’ve also been using my avatar for more than ten years now, and thinking of tattooing it on me :wink:


*clap *clap
Ok, attention please! For I have a deep philoshopy and history behind the “Szaal.”

*waiting for the silence to kick in
People, I’m going to be a 'lil OOT at here although this is an OOT thread already.

[details=The OOT]So, did you watch the SAO anime? No? Well, I’m going to tell it anyway.
There’s this one scene where Kirito (the MC) mentioned that his player name Kirito is derived from his real-life name, Kirigaya Kazuto. See? You remove the Gaya and the Kazu at both the first and surname.

Inspired by it, I tried various cool-looking username from my real name and first come out as “hxszaal.” First used in my Dragon Nest MMORPG username. However, there’re some moments of contemplation that the “x” at there means nothing and my name has no x in it. It initially just for the “rule of cool.”

Feeling embarassed of the idea, I changed hxszaal and later stick to “hvszaal.” This one sounds more natural to me and resembles my real name more, without revealing my true real name. (That feels of being anonymous :bust_in_silhouette:)

However, I don’t stick to hvszaal for long. I just realized that I always try to put anything in front of the Szaal word, for the sake of my full name. Later, I realized that I don’t have to follow that SAO reference strictly and I choose to remove any unnecessary addition from my username.

And here I am, Szaal, which is consisted only from my first name. :sunglasses: [/details]


I’m bad with thinking of usernames so mine has no significance I just like reading a lot :sweat_smile:


My name is a palindrome because I like palindromes.


Prince Catling is the name of an oc I created to be sort of a mascot for myself (though tbh I haven’t drawn him in forever and he really needs a redesign) He basically functions like a fursona minus most of the fur. He does have cat ears though

I thought up of the name maybe 3-4 years ago? I was in a study hall and my friend was working on an English assignment and somehow ended up on the page for the word ‘catling’ which is an archaic term for ‘kitten’ and I just thought it just sounded really cute. The ‘prince’ part I just kinda slapped on as on a whim and I’ve been using PrinceCatling since


Mine is an animal crossing character (the best one) No story, I just love him. :relieved:


Mewsly was a nickname an online friend gave me a loooooong time ago. I was super into an anime called Tokyo Mew Mew and went by Mew a lot. One day they just started calling me Mewsly and it just kinda stuck.


Did anyone here read Warriors by Erin Hunter? (Fun fact: Erin Hunter is actually multiple people. I met one of them and it turned out she didn’t even like cats! Cue heartbroken little girl at the time.)

Well, basically it’s a series for kids about cats that live in the wild and I’m really obsessed with cats. Long story made short, Leopardstar was the name of one of the characters and that’s the username I typically used online. It evolved to be Leopardmoon over the years to be closer to my real name (>>) though. People nicknamed me Leo for short and it stuck, though I also like Moon. :heart:


I chose my usernecause I love creepy pastas and cats :smiley: . Also me and my youngest cat(who lives with my mum now, damn you no pets rule :’( ) is very similar to me in personality, she has a trajic backstory(someone dumped her and another kitten in a gym bag at the side of the road…people are so lovely aren’t they?) and took a while to warm up to me, she just hid behind the tv and curtains at first being deeply mistrustful and fearful of humans, but even then if you try to stroke her or anything she’ll just scratch you, but she’ll let you stroke her or anything if she actively comes up to you(at least till she gets bored of you) :stuck_out_tongue: . Also it’s more gender neutral than my old username. Oh and also I’m quite like a kitty as people say I’m cute, I’m little and people often think I’m a lot weaker than I am due to my appearance and persona(I mean I’m not physically strong, but am fast, experienced unfortunately etc, so fairly tough), as for my kitty, she’s like kitty Rambo :p. Be it a frog, moth, bird etc, she will find you, and kill you xd she regularly brought in pigeons nearly twice the size of her :open_mouth: . Plus I just think it sounds nice :stuck_out_tongue: .


I like Dark Souls… that is all.

Though on a related note the photo is one I edited of myself a few years ago. I figured it fit the name so I used it.