Beginners Writing Group

Hey Everyone!

It’s been a good few weeks now since I first launched the poll but I’m going to get the beginners group I’ve had in mind up and running now. Time will tell if it turns out to be a flop or not, fingers crossed all goes well.

To those of you who expressed interest or anyone else who might have been considering writing a story of their own but are nervous about coding or putting their thoughts into words, I thought this could be the thread for you. :blush:

So I wanted to set out some initial basic goals that we could achieve together.

  • A weekly word count, we’ll keep it low at first then increase the goal post as people find their feet and get to grips with coding and writing.

  • The discussion of ideas for our stories and sharing tips for writing.

  • Coding advice as we go, so we can help each other understand elements of it as we all learn. I’ve also had some pros (If they don’t mind me calling them that) offer to help which is awesome. :grin:

  • We would all aim to have a very short story complete within a time frame, most likely a month just to get into the hang of things. I didn’t want to set a concrete theme, just allow people the opportunity to write what they like, but it could be something we explore as a group.

Decided to create a discord server (never done that before) so that we can use it to share thoughts there too, might make it feel more official, like a proper group as well.

I also originally had the idea for a weekly meeting, but that might be too ambitious, and the time zones are also a factor. Could be something we incorporate later to some extent if people would like to see it.

Ok, not really a lot in the way of info on this topic at the moment, I’ll most likely update it or add later posts if this takes off.

Here’s the link to the discord server if anyone fancies joining, big thanks to @Jackpot1776 for helping me set it up!

List of games put together as part of the December Prompt Challenge on the Discord channel! Will update as more are submitted!


I’m in!


I’m not among the most skilled programmers here, but I’m available to help with coding (and debugging) for beginners. Best of luck :four_leaf_clover: :muscle: :writing_hand: :books:

In the right circumstances (maybe next game jam?) I want to trial-run with potential collaborators by turning their initial prologue/chapter 1 into CS (or Twine Sugarcube), then negotiate projects from there. I do have my own interactive-fiction to work on, but my writing is so slow I need some other way to recharge my “productivity” energy. :sweat_smile:


I wish you luck in your endevour.


This sounds interesting, good luck to anyone who wants to join!


Glad that the group has some support already! Though I won’t lie, it’s terrifying too, I’m not great at this kind of stuff, but hey got to try right? So, I’ve been thinking that I’ll let some more people see this thread before officially kicking things off. Won’t leave it weeks this time though I promise! :blush:

Preaching to the choir there, I’d definitely consider myself as a very shy person, I thought a group like this could be a way to overcome that shyness and build up some confidence. So I’d be more than happy to have more shy people in the group! :grin:

As for the time difference, it’s unfortunate but it could be fixed by having separate groups running on the sever, it doesn’t have to limit the effectiveness of a group like this, people could drop in when they’re able if they had something they wanted to ask.


I’d like to join too, but I guess it won’t work out because of the time difference and I’m shy.

Good luck to all who join.


I’m interested as well! I could always use a bit of accountability and help with goal setting, how to balance writing as something that I need to do regularly but keeping it fun and interesting.


I don’t personally use discord but I’m very interested on this thread!


I’m currently facing a lack of time and inspiration for writing and coding, and I’m not quite sure of my writing level. Nevertheless, I’m a complete novice at coding and interactive fiction, so it might be good for me. In the long run, anyway - I’m not sure how steady my participation can be right now, with how things…are. Is that alright?


That’s absolutely fine, don’t worry! :grin:
The way I’d planned on setting it up will allow for people to drop in when they can, I’d hate for people to be worried about not being active enough in the group.


First of all, congratulations on making your thead, @Autumn19! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

As I said before, I will gladly help everyone with their coding problems, to the extent I’m able to.

I also had the thought, that maybe it’d make sense to make a new forum category for threads like this, @poison_mara’s workshop, and the jams and writing themes, etc. They don’t really belong in either Writing and Content or Choicescript Help.
But I suppose that’s up to the @moderators.


I understand what you mean, but I’m afraid I don’t agree because all those topics are still writing related, and in most cases the writing in question will ultimately require ChoiceScript feedback. As it stands, there just doesn’t seem to be a need for a new category.

Thank you for the suggestion though, it’s definitely something to keep an eye on in case these topics do evolve in a different direction. :slight_smile:


Anyone new to CS, wants to help out the newer folk, or you just want to come hang out, you should join!


Thanks for arranging all of this! Just joined the discord server.

It’s nice to have some support for new writers since the whole process is so overwhelming at first.


My writing progress has really started to slow down as work and winter hit in full force. I think it would be good for me to have a little more accountability and just a place to bounce ideas around with people of similar interests. I’m down!


Hey there. Is the group full, cause i really want to join. I consider myself a somewhat good writer and coder but i’m so leazy i can’t even go past of the prologue of all the wips i created over the year. Actually, i have one finished story but i’m still figuring out how to do the quick/random testing XD. I was thinking of creating a group for one of my projects some time ago so this might be the opportunity.


There’s no limit on how many people can join the group, the aim is to help as many people as possible. :grin:


Joined :slight_smile:


The more the merrier! :blush: