Beggar's Luck (WiP (very short atm)) (Pirates) (Hiatus, might return soon-ish)

Set sail to the marvelous Byacona. Encounter perilous pirates, sinister sirens and bawdy barmaids.
Oh, and save yer father from the gallows while yer here, m’hearties.

You are the only child of the Imperial Navy’s most successful pirate hunter, setting out to the crystal waters of the Byacona to save your father from the gallows.
The charge?
Treason and Piracy.
Two things you (and everyone knowing your father) would deem impossible for him to be guilty of. But the evidence speak against him.

An old friend of his, Grand Admiral Géroux has been able to buy him (and thus you) some time to try and find what really happened. You are the last chance your father has, as no on else has yet succeeded in that task.
Why did your father travel back to the island of St Salea after nearly twenty years of retirement?
Why was he found aboard the wreck of a pirate ship?
And why does he insist on having been attacked by the long-sunk Beggar’s Luck flagship of th late Alistair Moray, King of Pirates?

Set sail an uncover the truth.
The Byacona awaits you.

Play as male or female, cis or trans, non-binary or genderfluid.
Play as straight, gay or bi/pan or ace and/or aro.
If your heart’s set on romance and maybe a bit more, get closer to dashing Navy Officers or coarse pirates.

Demo Ho!

Yes, I started a new WiP. This time the theme is pirates, set in my own universe of Sildrys.

It’s currently extremely short (about 1500 words per playthrough), but I’ll try to get back into the flow and update both my games more regularly.



I like it! Pirates are a topic I’ve never seen done well in a COG or Hosted game so I’m excited to see where this goes! One little nitpick is at the beginning, where you call the ship ‘infamous’ twice in a very short amount of time. After you already said it, I think it flows better if you omit the second one. At least, it makes more sense to me.

I would also like the option to be sarcastic without it counting as ‘rude’ but actually most sarcasm IS rude. Never mind :joy: I’ve been desensitized.

I’m looking forward to the next update!

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This is extremely early, so all the stats etc are absolutely bound to change.

Sidenote: I could give a rundown of the (current) ROs


Please, do. I’m interested to see them.

Pirates! Yes.

For those unfamiliar like me, what roughly is the level of technological development in this world?

Current ROs:

Lieutenant Benjamin Doyle

Age: 24
Gender: male (cis)

Benjamin is a young Navy-Lieutenant working as Géroux’ secretary after a leg-injury send him into very early retirement.
He’s as headstrong as he’s handsome.

He’s been a great admirer of the MC’s father, and seems dead-set on becoming a renown pirate hunter, filling the empty space the Commodore’s alleged treason left.

Admiral Emmaline Finley

Age: 22
Gender: female (cis)

Admiral Finley is regarded as a prodigy in the ranks of the Imperial Navy, her victories in the recent war against Langon earning her the title of the ‘Hero of the Muguet-Strait’.
She’s extremely disciplined, with no patience for tomfoolery.
She came to the Byacona to get married, but soon learns that her fiancé’s ship has gone missing.
Will she find him, or find that her heart beats not just for him?


Midshipman Noah Paget

Age: 18
Gender: male (cis)

Mr Paget is commonly regarded as a lost cause. Eager, ambitious and honest, but clumsy and scatterbrained.
When push comes to shove he takes up the chance to prove himself to find the fable pirate port of Lobo Marino.


Lucy Kerrigan (careful, spoilers)

Age: 19
Gender: female (cis)

Lucy is regarded as the ‘soul of the Shredded Sail’ the scummiest tavern on all of Lobo Marino.
She takes great pride in the fact that her missing father’s the new King of Pirates, even though no one else agrees with her on that.

She’s headstrong and boisterous, though no one can say what happens when her shell should b cracked one day.


Florentina 'Shipwreck' Espinosa

Age: 26
Gender: female (trans)

Regarded as the unluckiest captain to have ever sailed the waters of the Byacona, Florentina is good-natured but very sarcastic soul.
And she has absolutely no patience for people betting behind her back how long her current ship, the Windmill will last.

At the time of Beggar’s Luck (year 1102 of the Imperial Calendar) the technology is akin to our late 18th century, with magic.


It never hurts to start with a hanging…well …


Ohhh i knew my pirate songs playlist would become useful sooner or later
But one question: Can MC use magic? I kinda want to become a witch pirate king

I’m planning on giving the player the choice later on.

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Oh still no pirate male as RO ? Maybe later ~
But I like the idea of actuals pirates and not space ship pirates.
Come on men, take your weapons and all the rhum ~ !!!


Ah, classic golden age of piracy analogue, then. Perfect.

Looks like a fascinating game!

"A massive edifice of stone, mortar and iron, sitting enthroned over 260 imperial feet above the bay, built so closely to the edge of the rock that its walls and the stone almost form one unbroken surface.
Only the Bloody Bow, this fiendish contraption of a bridge with fifteen gallows built into its middle, leads to and from it. "

I know we’ve chatted about *line_break in Discord before, and I want to point to moments like the above to make my case again for why you should use a blank line instead.

(Ignore the below if you are going for dropping down a space with no space between paragraphs!)

I think you are going for two discrete paragraphs there with a space between them to create a small dramatic effect, but the *line_break instead drops a line as if you were paragraphing (but there’s no indent like a typical prose paragraph would have). If you just drop a line by hitting enter twice, you’ll be able to sculpt the rhythm of the paragraph spacing more precisely, I think, because you’ll be able to see that space you are creating. A *line_break can fool you into thinking there’s going to be a blank space there.


I hadn’t planned on using a blank lin here, but now that you point it out, it would do better :smiley: Thanks x3

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Been awhile since there was a pirate-related game in the works that sounded promising. Count me THE HELL IN!!!


Must say I’ve got my eye on this for several reasons. Obviously obsessed with pirates and this Lucy Kerrigan character… hmmmmmmm :heart_eyes:
Plus always happy to see new wips out( there are so many these days!)
Back to lurking

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Currently fiddling with how to work in the surname input smoothly:

I can either have a set surname
Or put it with the name input at the start

What would you prefer?

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I would go with input name at the start,
just adds those tiny details that make story more enjoyable for me

Added name options.
Story update to follow

Pirate CoG’s always have my interest. Good luck ! I’ll keep an eye on this WiP. :slight_smile:

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