Before We Are Ghosts (WIP)

Any amount is a good amount as far as I am concerned. It’s best to not focus on how many words you can get out and just go with what feels good.


I have to agree with Kitty’s view on this. 750 words? That’s an amazing number! That’s three quarters of a thousand, which is a lot in USD currency. Feedback text boxes are microscopic compared to this, since the majority have an imposed 500 character limit… Tiny! Significantly tiny! You probably couldn’t fit a third of that 750 into one of those because you wrote so much. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


My nose smell work that can make me cried in the inside and I love it! Keep up the good work. Can’t wait for more. :partying_face::partying_face::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Interesting plot! I can be sad in peace.


Loved the demo! I think you wrote the atmosphere of ghe scenes really well :two_hearts:

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Found this typo, anyway i loved the Demo and boy it was great and it’s really promising! Good job.

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This angst is going to hurt, but I’m excited about it. I really loved the prologue and look forward to what comes next. Your writing is really nice to read.


This is sooo good. Definitely has captivated me. Looking forward to updates.


Thank you to all those who commented :’) And wow, thanks for the likes too! I hadn’t looked at the counter in a while, and was a little ╭( ๐_๐)╮ at my computer for a moment. I promise I’m working hard on it!

Weekly Update - 19 June 2022

  • Good news: I’ve written 3000 words, of which includes scene one and the start of scene two!

  • Bad news: scene one and scene two will no longer be scene one and scene two. :frowning: Essentially, I felt that the link between the two was rather weak and abrupt so I need to rework that.

  • Good news: three more scenes have been planned, bringing the total to five! Which is good in the sense that I have an idea of what I’m actually going to write. But…

  • Bad news: I have no idea how to arrange them, and I can’t continue writing until I figure out how. My brain is wired strange like that :frowning: but I will figure it out! So-

By mid next week, I want to finalize how to join up these five scenes. I’d like the different time skips to be easy to follow, such that each one cues in smoothly to the next, and I’ll do my best to finalize the flow by mid next week.

Once that’s done, I’ll continue writing - either a continuation of the original scene two, or whichever my brain feels more strongly for. Hopefully that works out! I’ve a bit more work commitments next week, so hopefully that won’t get too much in the way of things.


I loved it, please keep writing this great work


Yes, please the angst potential is so delicious. I may or may not have cried already just thinking about the possible conversations that will take place. :clown_face:


Good news:
Bad news:
Good news:
Bad news:

Also, I was a bit too busy to comment on launch, but this is the perfect thriller story with clear despair coming, and I sure am loving every single part of it.

Still, though, don’t worry about word count. Quality over Quantity!


I’ve ALWAYS wanted a story like this to be written because not everything is a perfect victory (though i do enjoy thise games)

So when I opened the CoG Summary email and read the synopsis I IMMEDIATELY stopped my other task and started to read.

The way this hit my feels was absolutely incredible. I had a playlist of sad-ish video game soundtracks in the background and it was just a whole mood.

The way you describe each character’s feelings to the situation, you can definitrly see their different personalities and how they perceive MC. Even the villain! When he said that line I was just like DAMN. The flow is very well done even with all the jumps. I didn’t get lost once and definitely understood the timeline of events.

I didn’t really pay much attention to grammar, or any mistakes. I was too in the mood for that lol Will probably replay again and again cause finally I find something that is satisfying my angsty side like no other game here has


Thank you to everyone who commented and shared your thoughts :brown_heart: they’re really humbling, and very motivating in nudging me to not procrastinate •́ ‿ ,•̀

About that - I apologize for the lack of communication on my part! Work had been unfortunately busy so I wasn’t able to find the time to pop by the forum.

I did manage to get roughly 3.2k words, spread across scenes one to three, written since the past update! I know the word count is… small at the moment, but I’m trying not to pay too much heed to it. I’d rather not force my brain to think of extra things just to beef up the word count; just like the prologue, I believe the words will come - and grow on their own - as I write. And even if they don’t… well. At least there won’t be too much filler things going on?

Goals for next week:

  • write the placeholder choices for scenes 1 and 2
  • continue writing scene 3

You’ve got to share them with me if possible :eyes: I am always up for sad video game music.


Of course! This is the Spotify link I use but not all of them are sad LOL

My go to for this story were: (especially the first 5)

Can You see My Heart - Heize (from Hotel del Luna K-drama lol) - has lyrics! This whole soundtrack is so good
Pokemon - Lugia’s Theme (how can you not be in the feels!)
Fire Emblem Awakening - Don’t Speak Her Name
The Legend of Zelda - Midna’s Lament
Final Fantasy X - To Zanarkand (there’s 2 in the playlist the piano one sounds clearer on my phone)
Hikari - Simple and Clean (Kingdom Heart) a classic in piano
Final Fantasy X - Yuna’s Decision
Final Fantasy XIII - Promised Eternity
Code Vein - Your Everything (original - not English has lyrics) leans more towards epic than the others
Code Vein - Requiem also leans towards more epic sounding

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Might I suggest: