Before We Are Ghosts (WIP) - demo update 12 Aug 2022

I love this :heart_eyes: I don’t have any other words for it except it’s amazing :blush:

That’s what I’ve figured out.

That’s nice to hear, hovewer :slight_smile: Will definetly check the next updates.

I love those themes, mu giulty pleasure :sweat_smile:

I’m loving this so far. :heart:

I did spot a couple of typos on my second play through.

and I’m not sure about the second one but is it supposed to be there isn’t a way to reverse it?

I can’t wait to see more though :grinning:

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Was too busy playing Rome Total War to notice that the demo updated, so played it today.

I think this is the first time in a while that I’ve been hit by feels and the death sentence of a year.


same here.

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