Before Dusk Sets In - WIP

Hello, Mila here! You may know that I have another IF on these forums called Golden. This new topic is a side WIP, it doesn’t get updated all that often, and is pretty much just something fun for me but I thought I’d post it here.


You receive a note from The Order, the cryptic organisation that has control over the gangs in London. Life has suddenly gotten more interesting, especially when The Order begins to blackmail you with your own demons…

You’re a member of one of the most powerful gangs in the city.

Action. Power struggle. Betrayal. Loyalty. Love. The gang life has it all. It’s practically all you and your older brother have ever known — not that you’ve seen him in a while.

It’s been just under a year since your brother left the city, went on the run to avoid punishment for a crime he says he didn’t commit — the murder of the infamous Zakai McVay. Naturally, many things about this mystery are still under wraps. You can find out what really happened, but it’s impossible to do it alone.

Bring in a bunch of misfits, and maybe you can crack a few closed cases and reveal a few secrets that are under lock and key. You and your best friend join forces with three others, allies you’d never see yourself working with, and realise that together you may achieve everything you’ve ever wanted.

Maybe you’ll even get out of this life.

All of you have mysteries to solve and fights to win.

A fight against society. A fight against the city. And most importantly, a fight against yourself.

So much to lose yet so much to gain.

Are you ready for the biggest challenge of your life?

  • This is rated 17+ for depictions of violence, crime, kidnapping, strong language and eventual (optional!) non-graphic nsfw scenes.
  • Play as a male, female or non-binary; straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, graysexual, demisexual, asexual, gang member w/ the choice of your own pronouns.
  • Play as a person of colour (this choice can have an effect on the story).
  • Choose the name of your gang.
  • Romance any of the five romantic options; all gender-selectable; male, female and non-binary. The ROs are: the best friend, the rival, the initiate, the crown and the betrayer.
  • Choose your gang member’s speciality (tech genius, combat, stealth, deception, charmer or the tactician). Use this skill set to your advantage… just don’t let your weaknesses ruin the operation(s).
  • Choose your gang member’s dark past…
  • Have the opportunity to leave the gang life behind.
  • Or become your gang’s leader.
  • Embark on a crazy adventure with friends, enemies and the powerful and discover the truths everyone’s so desperate to keep hidden.

And if there’s one thing to keep in mind, don’t expect this run in to be easy… we’ve all got secrets we’d rather keep buried.


Romance Options



You don’t get anywhere in this game without trust…

Shiloh Quince. In this life, ride or die isn’t just a phrase, it’s reality. Good thing you have Shiloh. They’re a little rough around the edges, metaphorically and literally, their tattoos prove it. They’re the fierce protector, the one that’s always with you no matter whether you’ve argued - the two of you can take this found-dynasty to the very top. With them by your side, you know anything is possible. But maybe having them by your side as more than a friend is a little more fitting.


A gang without rivals? Unheard of.

Your biggest rival of all. Ryah/Rian/Royce Zayed. The feud between your gangs stretches back decades for various reasons. It’s you vs them now and everyone knows it. The hatred is strong and it’s only grown over the years. Their arrogance, their cockiness, their sharp tongue, witty remarks, and that distinctive scar you gave them - you make their blood boil. The two of you know the streets like the back of your hand, but maybe the two of you could put this rivalry aside… enough to realise that surviving for one another is a path you both want to follow.


Recruitment and staying ahead of the rest is essential.

Lourdes/Lorenz/Lior Corrales. They’re the new arrival, the one with promise, an advanced skill set, excitement… and an ego. They’ve left their struggling lifestyle behind and now they’re ready for a new challenge, and they’ll let you know it, especially now they’re your next door neighbour. But beneath the beaming grins, brilliant humour and fiery personality — they’re afraid, not of this life, but of something else. But could you be the one to break down their guard? Make them see that their new life is worthwhile? Fight off your demons with one another, side by side as partners and lovers.


Being friends with powerful people always gets you a leg up.

Chanel/Cree/Creighton DeLuca. If you’re getting technical, then they’re part of The Order, part of the rich, powerful and jealous-filled life that comes with it too. But if you’re asking C themselves, they want no part of it. They’re the humble, kind, ‘behind-the-scenes’ person who can get you out of a rut - but despite their high life, they have their own dreams and ambitions. Want nothing to do with their step-siblings that are battling it out for the crown, the same step-siblings that get the attention C always misses out on. C has a sharp mind, they’re the best person to have in your corner, but they have insecurities to battle, trust to gain… someone to tell them that it’ll all be okay. Someone to say, ‘I see you.”


Just like that, we’re strangers again. Strangers with memories…

Teja/Tré/Tate Heroux. Ah, you never thought you’d have to hear that name again. There was a time when there was trust, a time when there was loyalty… all before they threw it away and left your gang to join another. Now they’re a lone wolf trying to survive. This world isn’t easy and they definitely have regrets with how they went about their business. And maybe you’re part of the reason why they left in the first place… Are you willing to forgive? Willing to let them explain why they did what they did? Willing to let your heart fall and trust them one more time?

For some extra content, you can follow the game’s Tumblr: celestialdusks

Current word count: 39.4k w/o coding


I remember seeing this on Tumblr!! Love it already :star_struck:


This sounds interesting af definitely going to give it a try

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I gasped​:clap:t5::sparkles::heartpulse::kiss::kiss:


Yay! It’s finally on the forum. I did play the demo you had on tumblr, but will play it again. :two_hearts:


I remember being obsessed with this game on Tumblr! Just did a whole play through again the second I saw it :sweat_smile:


Oohh such an interesting premise :grin: and the characters! Super fun, can’t wait to read more :relieved:


screams like a maniac Yay! It’s on the forums! WOOOOOOO! I love it. I love it all. :heart: I still love my MC from this. I still haven’t decide which RO she is going to go for…….


Mineminemineminemineminemineminemineminemineminemineminemine :kissing:


Very well written with quite an interesting premise. I wonder if we’ll be able to join The Order at some point…

Damn, this is good! And the romances are soooo :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Me want Moar! :kissing_closed_eyes:


It’s off to a great start. I look forward to seeing it grow

Btw, isn’t ‘Lourde’ the name of some celebrity kid? Hm, wait…Madonna maybe?

So how everyone put the romances? Like from your favorites to…less?

I go first!

1- Shiloh (Not a fan of bbf stuff usually, but I’m vibing with her so bad)
2- Chanel (Damn, rich peoples usually turn me off…but here? Hook and Sink!)
3- Ryah (Like what you called her, the ‘Rival’? My feeling 'Nope…then hmm then yes yes then no? then yes. If anything, it promise a lot of fun)
4- Teja and Lourde (Teja is Unknown, so can’t really feel one way or another. Even the Flirt with her doesn’t lead you anywhere it seem. And Lourde, My God…that ego. Its like being in a Poly-romance, Her and her ego and the Mc…3 is a crowd :rofl: . She seem to have secret and is full of bavardo which hide a lot of thing. But if that Ego can become very very smoll…then yeah.)

Oh yeah, as for the rest? Storywise?

I like the idea of having a Sibling. Though, wouldve been nice if I could customize said gender of Sibling. And their age, like I’m the oldest or they are the oldest…y’know?
2- Piper? Well…what can I say? Sound like if we say no…she is the one who gonna be in trouble. Pecular for a Queen.
3- Our Bosses? I dont play favorite, but hope we get more time with them. They seem like they balance each other well.
4- Can we steal a car from the Order? Make it green! :smiley:

All in all, I LOVE the story. It has a different Vibe from ‘Golden’? I think one thing that really seperate them is…the whole ‘You gotta babysit the MC’. Which is also Wayhaven Trademark. Here, its more…we gotta work together or fail together…and we are all on equal footing.


Did I mention I love it? So yeah, Good luck! And looking forward to moar! :+1:

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So well written, I’m loving all the ROs so far. I can’t wait for the updates!


Hey Girl Hey!!! I read the demo as always its well written. I hope you are well and maybe more more updates in the future. :slight_smile:

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But for real, another excellent story from you and it’s just the beginning!


It was a pretty fun read and the characters are pretty interesting so far.

Only real ‘problem’ I could point out is that they don’t really feel like a gang in what I read so far, more like a general ‘underground organization’.

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So, I have to share my MC, because damn am I in love with her as much as the ROs.


As for her romance. I literally dropped in random gender and watched her bisexual confusion set in. I think she’s mostly torn between M!Shiloh and F!Zayed. Actually, I think Lourde was the only one she wasn’t interested in, because they are a recruit. Maybe that will change. But it would definitely go Shiloh=R>C>T>L if an order were necessary.


I really wasn’t expecting this reaction, so thank yous all so much for the lovely comments on my side project! To those who came from Tumblr too, thanks for continuing to show your support here.


Hopefully it’s something you enjoy when you get the chance to read it.

It’s Lourdes, and it’s a pretty popular French name. Didn’t use Madonna as a inspiration when naming any of my characters, haha.

There are a lot of customisation options already, so the gender of your brother and the fact that they’re older in game is really the only thing that’s fixed. I have to have a few things planned out.

I’m super happy that you liked the story, so thank you for that!

Glad you like it.

I mean, the definition of a ‘gang’ is ‘an organised group of criminals’ or ‘a group of persons working or going about together’, which is basically what the characters in this story are — on the other hand I understand what you mean by ‘underground organisation’.